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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Never Trumper comes home

Melanie Sturm of Aspen, Colorado, writes the "Think Again" column for the local newspaper. She was a virtue-signally Never Trump delegate to the Republican convention, telling people to "vote your conscience," which would have meant going back on their word.

Now she has come home, writing:
Here’s the undemocratic playbook used to short-circuit the honest debate on which national consensus depends: make false claims, spin the media, co-opt the bureaucracy to evade laws/break rules, stonewall investigations, smear adversaries, and label self-inflicted controversies “phony scandals” until the truth becomes any story that sticks.
Consequently, no one’s ever held accountable for the resulting wreckage: unaffordable health insurance, dying vets, terrorist attacks, sanctuary city tragedies, IRS harassment and murdered U.S. diplomats and border guards. Not surprisingly, only 19 percent of Americans say they trust the government most of the time, down from 73 percent in 1958, according to the Pew Research Center.
That’s because Washington is so politicized, even institutions charged with equal enforcement of laws have been sullied. Dueling media accounts of the FBI probes into Clinton’s national security-imperiling violations and the Clinton Foundation’s pay-for-play practices reflect the smoldering rift between disgruntled FBI agents and their higher-ups at the Bureau and Justice Department.
Filmmaker Michael Moore described Trump as a Molotov cocktail thrown at the self-dealing ruling-class system. Clinton, who preaches redistribution of wealth while living like a monarch off her public office, personifies the politically corrupt status quo. Worse then her sense of entitlement and lying is her quarter-century of behaving as if laws are for the little people, not the echo chamber’s aristocracy.
Unfortunately, inside the echo chamber the aristocrats can’t hear the Molotov cocktail-hurling legions outside. Though I shudder at the thought of President Trump, and worry about his authoritarian inclinations, I’m rooting for the little people to burn down the chamber.
Methinks Sturm is not the only one whose eyes are now wide open.

Sturm is not in Washington. She is not polluted by the corporate money that backs the National Review and the various tax-exempt, donor-dependent think tanks most of its writers actually work for.

This campaign has been about hate because Hillary's handmaidens -- and that is what the National Review is -- have no intellectually honest argument to make against Trump. Their donations rise when the Supreme Court issues rulings against the people and conservative values we founded this nation on. Of course they want Hillary appointing the justices. Just as the government agencies capital conservatives ape, the last thing they want is success because that would make them obsolete.


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  1. Excellent, eloquent piece. She's wrong about Trump, but she gets what's at stake.

  2. Aspen, not noted for the "little people" who work there, but the Rich who own places there and come to ski and be seen. That was s pretty decent column.

  3. "authoritarian inclinations"

    What hogwash. Imagine how short a leash a President Trump would be on. He would have the Democrats, their media, and globalist Republicans on him every minute. Obama, now that guy could get away with murder.