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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Media learns the wrong lesson

One of the unintentionally funny lines in the New York Times came from its media critic Jim Rutenberg:
The weeks of soul-searching that are bound to follow were well underway on Wednesday.
Most readers think you have no soul.

The Times is subsidized by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim who took a $6 billion hit in his net worth in the post-election drop in the peso's value. Elections have consequences -- especially when you carry so much water for the Democrats that you could turn Death Valley into the Great Lakes.

The losses he will eat in 2017 will be even bigger than the ones he is eating this year.

But the Times has no plans to change. Executive Editor Dean Baquet wrote to the staff: “Whenever the news media gets surprised by a big story, there follows a round of questioning. What could we have done better? How did we and other news organizations underestimate the support for such an unusual, even divisive candidate?”

The Times was surprised by a big story, see? That's all. No discussion of its bias or its seething, foaming mouth hatred for the next president of the United States.

Rutenberg "interviewed" Baquet, whom he quoted as saying, “If I have a mea culpa for journalists and journalism, it’s that we’ve got to do a much better job of being on the road, out in the country, talking to different kinds of people than the people we talk to — especially if you happen to be a New York-based news organization — and remind ourselves that New York is not the real world.”

Double down.

No admission of guilt.

Ben Rhodes, an Obama official who bragged about fooling the public on the Iran deal, has a brother named David who is president of CBS News. He told Rutenberg: “You can’t say that this campaign was undercovered or that this result is because of some failure to report on these candidates. I think it’s presumptuous of anybody — media or anybody else — to suggest that the reason for the result is some information failure.”

No one is saying that.

No one.

The problem is all the pro-Democratic Party bias in the reporting. It's not the upholstery of the davenport that is the problem. It is that huge elephant in the room we should be discussing.

We won't.

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post had a suggestion for Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the titular head of the newspaper that Slim subsidizes. From Michael Goodwin:
Having grown up at The Times, I am pained by its decline. More troubling, as the flagship of American journalism, it is giving all reporters a black eye. Its standards were the source of its credibility, and eliminating them has made it less than ordinary.
It is because of those concerns that I repeat a suggestion about how to fix the mess. Because he now concedes a problem, perhaps Sulzberger will consider taking action.
Using an outside law firm or even in-house reporters, he must assess how and why Baquet made the decision to sever the paper from its roots. He must assess the impact on reporters and editors, and whether they felt pressure to conform their stories to Baquet’s political bias.
Whatever the findings, the publisher must insist that the standards of fairness again become a fundamental tenet in the news room. As an added guarantee, he must insist that the paper enlarge its thinking about diversity to include journalists who disagree with the Times embedded liberal slant. There has to be a difference of perspective to judge where fairness lies.
Goodwin does not understand. These people don't care about the future. They live in the here and now, and care only about power. Baquet could not care less if the Times becomes a parking lot when he is gone.

Or Sulzberger.

Or Slim.

Objectivity is for losers.

They view their only failure as not electing Hillary.

Readers be damned. Advertisers be damned. The truth be damned.


"Trump the Press" skewers media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. I use my deadliest weapon: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.

The sequel is coming.


  1. "Most readers think you have no soul." There is one; it's warped and twisted and shredded. Only the Devil knows where it is locked away in the dark.
    "The Times was surprised by a big story, see?" Your Honor, the defendant admits it's well and truly dumb, Dumb, DUMB.
    “You can’t say that this campaign was undercovered or that this result is because of some failure to report on these candidates. I think it’s presumptuous of anybody — media or anybody else — to suggest that the reason for the result is some information failure.” An admission of incomptence, Your Honor!
    "It is that huge elephant in the room we should be discussing." I'd say it's a YUUUUUUUUGE-ass donkey, not an elephant.

  2. They are searching to see if they have a soul.

  3. I'd rather not have them go back to pretending to be objective. Naive people would go back to being fooled by them.

  4. So what's the chapter about the Hillary and Bill election loss going to be titled, Don?

    "Hobgoblin Nor Foul Fiend"...?

  5. Time for a new Tshirt. Any ideas?

    I'm partial to "Feel The Drain, Swampies!"

    1. Mike "Shoot Gays with Death Rays" Pence
      Mike "Killin' Homos In Slow-Mo" Pence
      Mike "Put The Fags In Body Bags" Pence
      Mike "Won't Blink When Shooting Twinks" Pence
      Mike "Restless Days Of Hanging Gays" Pence
      Mike "Not Gonna Wait To Make 'Em Straight" Pence
      Mike "Putting Fear into the Queers" Pence
      Mike "PIV Not HIV" Pence
      Mike "Babes, not AIDS" Pence
      Mike "Ain't No Fruit He Won't Shoot" Pence
      Mike "Let LGBTs Die Of Disease" Pence
      Mike "Good Neighbor & Gay Slayer" Pence
      Mike "Be Hetero Or You Gotta Go" Pence
      Mike "Big Plans to Nuke the Trans" Pence
      Mike "Feels At Ease When He Kills Trannies" Pence
      Mike "Gay Mocking, Homo Shocking" Pence
      Mike "Rids Us of the GRIDS Fuss" Pence
      Mike "Napalm Ways to Cook Flamin' Gays" Pence
      Mike "All The Faggots Will Be Consumed By Maggots" Pence
      Mike "Frag grenades for pride parades" Pence
      Mike "Blazing Ways To Slay The Gays" Pence
      Mike "Blow-Torchin' The Boy Touchers" Pence
      Mike "Those Who Blow, Off The Roof We Throw" Pence
      Mike "For Those Who Diddle We Play The Fiddle" Pence
      Mike "Throw All The Pederasts Down Elevator Shafts" Pence
      Mike "Highest Credo To Kill The Pedo" Pence
      Mike "Throw All Weird Genders In A Giant Blender" Pence
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      Mike "Electric Prayer to Fix The Gayer" Pence
      Mike "Sodomite Slayer" Pence
      Mike "Burnin' Sodom and Hillary Rodham" Pence
      Mike "Turning Fruits Into Vegetables" Pence

    2. doc, that musta been a 5 espresso post!

  6. The thing is they don't cover the news. They are propagandists pure and simple. Perhaps Pinch should change his name to Goebbels since his paper is the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party modeled after the propaganda arm of the Nazi Party.

    1. Well, would you concede that they COVER UP the news, CAMOUFLAGE the news, purposely misidentify the news, using smoke, mirrors, dirt, paint, and whatever comes to hand

  7. The editor's political biases mimic those of the publisher that hired him. Sulzberger is from the whiny, puking, mewling, sector of America that hates the country because...who cares, he just hates the country.

    End of story.

    -Mikey NTH

  8. Wonder how long the NYT's will be around? Few more years and that will be it.

  9. Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson because his desire to win baseball games (and make money) finally exceeded his desire to discriminate. We may be approaching the tipping point where the desire to make money, or at least hold on to the money they have will exceed their desire to slant the news.

  10. The media has learned absolutely nothing. Even as I type they are slobbering over the rioters who are "anguished, need coloring books and play doh" to get over the results of an election that didn't go their way. Mentioning "peaceful protests, which are anything but, totally ignoring who is paying for this, and the total absence of any mention of the politicians who say NOTHING about this. Why you'd almost think they welcomed it as a way of denying Trump the presidency due to "civil unrest."

  11. They think because they say it, it's so.

    In the immortal words of George Gershwin, not necessarily.