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Friday, November 11, 2016

Is Chuck Todd the dumbest?

“Nobody’s going to mistake Donald Trump for a presidential candidate, I don’t think, other than Donald Trump,” Chuck Todd said on his Meet the Press show on NBC on January 25, 2015.

As Forrest Gump's mother said, we all make mistakes. The difference is dumb people don't learn from them.
Which brings us to Chuck Todd. In a column that should have been filled with humility, candor, and regret, Chuck Todd continued to blast Trump's supporters as a basket of deplorables. Todd co-wrote it with Mark Murray and Carrie Dann.

  • That the conventions and presidential debates actually mattered;
  • That a small band of partisans couldn't get away with trying to delegitimize the media;
  • And that a presidential candidate who demolished so many norms (not releasing tax returns, talking about jailing an opponent, threatening not to respect the election's outcome) would pay a price for them in the end.
They do not get it.

"A small band of partisans" did not "delegitimize the media." 

The media did that all by itself. 

NBC went with an all-female staff covering the candidates, ands allowed Hillary confidante Andrea Mitchell to play reporter as one of the girls on the bus. (Relax, that's a play on the title of the 1973 classic about campaign coverage, "The Boys on the Bus.") Trump was covered by Katy Tur at the last moment who was pulled from the London bureau, which upended her life without warning. Yes, what a great way to start.

To be fair, even with its sexist staffing, NBC was not the worst coverage out there.

WikiLeaks revealed that CNN truly was the Clinton News Network as it lavished affection on her just as it did Obama eight years earlier. The leaked emails showed a deference to Hillary not seen since CNN bowed to Saddam Husein in an effort to keep its Baghdad bureau open so it had bragging rights to covering the Middle East from within. CNN revealed this aiding of the enemy only after the USA tanks rolled through Iraq in April 2003.

CNN -- not Trump -- delegitimized CNN.

But Chuck Todd is doing a heckuva job of delegitimizing NBC.


"Trump the Press" skewers media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. I use my deadliest weapon: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.

The sequel is coming.


  1. Very much looking forward to the sequel.

  2. The media beclowned themselves. Thoroughly. Shot themselves in both feet with 10-gauge slugs.

    I eagerly await The Sequel!

  3. I believe the phrase is cognitive dissonance. The media just don't know what hit them and apparently don't possess the investigative journalism skills to determine what it was. - Elric

  4. As I channel surfed on election night, Todd was one of the more delusional fools on fair.

  5. The media will only double down and never show respect or remorse. Chuck is the hired servant of a media mogul and is really only doing his bidding. As My bud Cicero would say, he has been "purchased from the rock". In the Roman slave market the person to be purchased was displayed standing on a stone support. Slaves had no rights then and in reality those like Chuck have none now. It is only an illusion that he does but that is his task since be was purchased as a mime. He is happy though. Manhattan is a nice pen in which to play with his fellow servants and he is well rewarded for his acting ability. He knows his punishment will be to leave the pen if he misbehaves. An intolerable thought if you live the good life in Manhattan.

    1. There was a time long ago when a reporter used me as an expert when composing articles having to do with health care and policy. His articles gradually got more and more detached from reality and eventually got to the point that he was actually twisting things. I called him up about one of these angry with him, and he basically said that his editor told him to write it that way and that he was worried about his job. We find out now about how the NYT began many years ago telling reporters to write out a narrative and hand it in to the editor and that all of their articles to be consistent with this narrative. This amounts to making what they write a slave to an ideology, just as pmd says.

    2. I quit giving him interviews at this point. The result was as expected, but no amount of talking to him could have helped. It just would have made me look even worse.

      I don't remember if I already posted this here or not. Mish got it right early on, cucked out briefly, and recovered his senses. But not before banning me from his comments.

    4. The press is to be avoided in interviews. I had an experience similar to TeaDoc when I was very young. In later life I was asked by the NYT for an interview on a certain public policy in my field. I was at first flattered but recalling my previous experience declined. The guy they eventually got was turned into a frivolous assassin by their hag reporter who clearly was out to add to her collection of shrunken heads. My head is not as big now as it was but it's still mine. Truth is of no real interest to the press. As the NYPost said proudly after it screwed up big-time, but had won the prize for lying first, truth is for the historians.

  6. The media began delegitimizing itself 50 years ago. This is just the final outcome.

  7. Don,

    There a video out there somewhere from last Winter, I think, of Ann Coulter on a television show- I think it was probably Bill Maher's show- where she was asked which of the Republican candidates (I think this was before the first primary/caucuses had been held, but I could be wrong). Coulter replied, "Donald Trump!" The panel and the audience laughed at her mercilessly, and you could she Coulter clench her jaw, but she stuck to her guns under the unrelenting ridicule. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning must have been glorious for her.

  8. So Todd's take of "What we (the media) got wrong" is the American public is even more stupid and noncomprehending than they thought we were.

    That's some mea culpa, Chuckie.

    And they wonder why we hate them.


  9. The conventions and the debates did matter -- what did not matter was the MSM's false reporting/spinning of the conventions and the debates. Now with social media, we saw how fractured the DNC was with the Bernie people walking out/protesting and we LIKED the way Trump actually tried to honestly answer questions asked rather than simply spit out memorized talking points at the debates, even if some of his answers weren't as artfully worded as they could have been. It showed his authenticity against Hillary's "poll-tested to within an inch of her life" phoniness.


  10. Todd and his catamites pre-decided that Hillary would 'win' the debates, and so when Trump came out of them looking better and with his numbers improving it was of course a show that "the debates don't matter". Same with the conventions: Trump looked good, the RNC overcame some empty-headed treason to have a successful convention; the Democratic coronation looked unorganized and petty; therefore to Todd "the conventions didn't matter".

    The Media has been working on delegitimizing itself for almost fifty years now and shows no sign of stopping. But Todd HAS TO believe that it's some kind of Trumpian voodoo that nobody with a brain takes ABC/CNN/NBC/CBS/FOX seriously any more- the alternative is to ask exactly why nobody listens any more, and what his own part in this change might have been.

    And as far as "demolishing norms" goes: Chuck is just upset that the public applied the same standards to Trump that Chuck and his buddies have been applying to every single Democrat, elected or running for election, since the 1970's.