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Friday, November 11, 2016

Is Chris Cillizza dumber than Chuck Todd?

Chuck Todd of NBC/MSNBC is pretty dumb because he learned nothing from his many mistakes earlier in covering the campaign. See previous post.

But could Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post be dumber?

From Cillizza on October 23:
Donald Trump is on some kind of streak. For the third fourth (!) straight week, he just had the Worst Week in Washington. (I didn't say it was a good streak!)
Trump's big fail last week came in the third and final presidential debate, held Wednesday night in Las Vegas. Needing a big moment to change the course of an election that looks increasingly hopeless for him, Trump proved incapable, yet again, of pulling one off. Instead he made two major errors — both of which turned into story lines for the remainder of the week for Hillary Clinton's campaign.
The first was his refusal to say that he would concede the election if he loses, a break with roughly 240 years of peaceful transitions of power in the country. Trump's cavalier “let's just wait and see” attitude on the idea of conceding led every major news website in the country within minutes and was roundly condemned by lots and lots of Republicans.
Of course, we have had a presidency only 227 years and a contested presidential race for the last 220 years. Andrew Jackson, Rutherford B. Hayes and Al Gore are among those who did not concede.

This is typical, though, of his lazy coverage. Just cut-and-paste the Democratic Party talking point, and retire to the nearest hipster bar/Starbucks.

Then came Oct. 28 and a stunning letter from Comey that emails “pertinent” to the Clinton investigation had been discovered on a computer belonging to former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) and his wife — longtime Clinton confidante Huma Abedin.
Within hours, the confident Clinton campaign had turned dark, watching the race thrown into chaos right on what looked like the verge of certain victory. Another hurdle — and this one potentially the largest yet — thrown in her way in the final moments of the contest. Concerns about Democratic enthusiasm were rampant and Trump seemed to be on the march again.
In the face of such a game-changer, Clinton did what she always did in the face of adversity: picked herself up and moved forward. She and the campaign slammed Comey for what they claimed was unprecedented meddling in a presidential election, effectively turning the conversation in the race to the FBI as opposed to her presidential campaign.
Simultaneously, Clinton's on-the-ground organization began to assert itself — rolling up record totals in key Democratic communities in Florida and Nevada, totals that gave her campaign a massive leg-up Tuesday.
The final act featured Comey, again — with another letter to Congress, this time on the Saturday before the election. But this time it was good news for Clinton — nothing in the new emails led the FBI to reconsider its public statements on the investigation back in July.
The last 48 hours were largely anti-climatic. Both national and swing state polling pointed to the Clinton victory that played out cross the country Tuesday. The Clinton campaign strategy — slow and steady, get knocked down but just keep getting up — was rewarded.
It's been 3,076 days since Clinton ended her first presidential bid, touting the 18 million cracks she had made in the last, highest, hardest glass ceiling. On Tuesday night, she smashed through it by being exactly who she has been throughout her public life: resilient, dogged and relentlessly prepared.
Cillizza missed the big picture.

Clinton's campaign was about making her the first woman president.

Trump's was about Making America Great Again.


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The sequel is coming.


  1. The fact that 99 per cent of the media were in the tank for Hillary should be a leading indicator of how clueless and dumb they are. - Elric

  2. Chris is off his meds. Quick, somebody call 911 before there is something really bad that happens.

    1. Lemme guess ... his meds come from Colorado, right?

  3. Very good.

    I'd also note that what Cilizza called "worst weeks" were anything but. Trump kept challenging Democrat assumptions and knocking them down.

    FWIW, I think things went south for the Beast when she swooned for all the world to see on 9/11.

  4. I think there is something wrong with Chris myself but he is becoming the poster boy for the previous post where incompetence is continuously rewarded as long as the narrative marks are hit. Bezos is wasting money on him but no one seems to care. Too bad really.

  5. "The first was his refusal to say that he would concede the election if he loses, a break with roughly 240 years of peaceful transitions of power in the country." See "Al Gore Recount Request (Did we quit when the Nazis bombed Pearl Harbor?)".

    I'm answering Don's question as YES.

  6. That's like asking who is uglier Rosie O'Donnell or Lena Dunham. There is no real answer other than it's a tie.

  7. "Sir, there is no settling the point of precedency between a louse and a flea."

    - Samuel Johnson