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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Hillary is a drag on the ticket

Imagine Beyoncé performing to less than a full house -- on a Friday night. Hard to do.

OK, then imagine Jay Z performing to less than a full house -- on a Friday night. Equally hard.

Now imagine Beyoncé and Jay Z together performing to less than a full house -- on a Friday night. In Cleveland. Wow. How can this be done?

Simple. Add Hillary.

Instant empty seats.

No one wants to see her or hear her screech. The one saving grace is that she is so old and out of shape that she can speak only about 10 or 15 minutes.

Introducing Trump on Friday, campaign official Kellyanne Conway told the crowd in Hershey, Pennsylvania, population 14,257, "When I look at this packed house, I'm reminded of a joke we have on the campaign that when Donald Trump visits a venue, he attracts the largest crowd in history for someone who doesn't play an instrument and doesn't play a sport,"

The place was packed with an estimated 11,000 supporters.

Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Hillary drew 10,000 people and 3,000 empty seats in Cleveland, population 388,072.

The Daily Mail reported: "Earlier in the day she attracted just 2,539 people for a speech in the concourse under Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, with no entertainment to offer but herself."

Heinz Field seats 65,050.

Pittsburgh's population is 304,391.

If Hillary has the magic power to drag down support for Beyoncé and Jay Z, just think of how her nomination has affected the campaign of Democrats down ticket.

The media does not talk about that.

I want this campaign to go on forever.

@@@ would give me more time to write the sequel. 

The sequel to what, you may ask.  Why "Trump the Press," of course. It skewers media experts with their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle


  1. I just finished a book about Louis XIV and Absolutism. In it various aspects of his rule and the relationships between the various classes and the circumstances of life and rule in Europe at the time are covered and one of these is royal propaganda. There are photos of some of the triumphal arches built in his honor, but when it comes to the massive equestrian statues, only picture of lithographs. These must have all been torn down. So much for the great King. Melted down for cannon. The official line on things is more often than not a total lie. What they want you to believe, rather than what is. The hilarious part with this book is that you can tell that the university professor who wrote it was in sympathy with Louis in his quest for centralized power because he is part of the ruling class who wants to do the same to us.

    1. Remember the Revolution.

      And young Bonaparte.

  2. Says something interesting about the OH vote.

    1. And more interesting about the really less interesting Hillary.

  3. To be honest, you couldn't pay me to go and see any of those three. That being said, I think the appropriate word for Hillary right now would be "flailing." - Elric

  4. Stick em in a three stall shitter, and you have a standing room only crowd, which is better than they deserve.