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Monday, November 28, 2016

Help President Trump or face oblivion

"We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."
-- Ben Franklin just before signing the Declaration of Independence.
Republicans rightly rejoice at the election of President Trump, which is the cherry atop their electoral sundae which finds them in their best position since 1928. But there are signs that should warn Republicans that they could well repeat the experience of Hoover.

President Trump's Electoral College win of 306-232 was the best showing by Republicans since 1988.

But four years later saw Democrat President Clinton's election.

However, his party lost nine seats in the House, which foreshadowed a tsunami in 1994 in which his party lost 54 seats and control of the House for the first time in 40 years (20 elections). Tom Foley became the first Speaker of the House to lose re-election. Democrats also lost 8 Senate seats and control of the Senate.

Trump lost 6 House seats and 2 in the Senate.

Which brings us to Hoover's election in 1928.

In 1930 -- just two years after their peak -- Republicans lost 52 seats and control of the House, and 8 Senate seats which created a tie in the Senate broken only by Republican Vice President Charles Curtis.

Two years later, Republicans would lose everything for a generation: the presidency, the House, and the Senate.

Now readers may say well there was a Depression and the market is up. But the perpetually pessimistic Zero Hedge site:
The Percentage Of Stocks In A Bear Market Is Growing
As US stocks push to record highs, trading volume is dwindling and broad market breadth is terrible.
But, as Eric Bush, of Gavekal Capital blog, explains, more than one out of five developed market stocks and more than two out of five emerging market stocks are in a bear market (down over 20% from a high) in the past 200 days. In the developed market, the percentage of stocks in a bear market has doubled from just 11% in late September to 22% as of Friday’s close. EM stocks have fared worse as just 18% of EM stocks were in a bear market in late September and now 44% are in bear market.
The aggregate numbers hide a disparity in the regional performance for equities. Since 10/26, the percentage of DM Asia equities that are in a bear market has increased from 9% to 22%. DM EMEA equities have had the worst performance as 36% of DM EMEA stocks are in a bear market. DM Americas equities have fared the best with just 13% of stocks in a bear market.
Democrats control the Federal Reserve. The Quantitative Easing -- pouring trillions into the stock market -- kept the market afloat even as the economy remained. They have this and other levers to sink the economy enough to regain power.

But history is not destiny. There are lessons to learn. Bill Clinton ran as a Third Way centrist. He tried to govern to the left of Obama, imposing higher taxes and proposing Hillarycare, which would have gone beyond Obamacare by have the federal government regulate all of health care.

Republicans must not make this mistake.

Trust Trump. Like it or not, Trump is the Leader of the Republican Party. 80 percent of the delegates at the RNC voted for him. 90 percent of Republican voters voted for him.

Do not embarrass Trump. He has enough critics in Washington. No need to pile on. Democrats never criticize their own when they are in power. Learn. Trump's fate is yours.

Trump is the True Conservative. He puts America First. The think tank Never Trumpers put their corporate donors first. Build the wall. Don't stop the deportations of criminal illegal aliens. Trump seems willing to work on full deportations. His list of Supreme Court nominees clarifies his conservative credentials.

Repeal and replace Obamacare, but leave Medicare alone. (Grabs spray bottle and sprays.) No Paul Ryan. (Sprays again.) Bad boy. (Sprays again.) No, shut up about Medicare.

Trump and the party have 100 days ending April 30 to get the job. United the party stands. Divided, the Democrats take over.


"Trump the Press" skewers media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. I use my deadliest weapon: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.

I thank the readers of "Trump the Press," and I thank the 46 readers who left Amazon reviews. It was very fun to write and I am delighted that so many people enjoyed it. 


  1. Speaking of stocks, they look very over-valued to me:

    I wonder what stock prices would be if interest rates were at 5% instead of next to nothing?

  2. There will be some kind of correction.

    How it's handled will tell the tale.

  3. When I retired this year I was counting on a twenty percent drop in stocks at the end of the year. It may not happen, or it could drop more. In my mind if it doesn't drop Trump has to be given all the credit based on mood alone. Sure, things are happening that he has no control over, but even the factors that we are reading as positives independent of the stock markets have effects that are in part dependent on mood, and if this was down, many of those positives would have been overlooked.

    1. Investment options aside, it's always seemed to me that an American who can't find some way or other to make an honest buck is like a guy sitting in the middle of the Sahara complaining he's got no sand for his hourglass.

  4. I'm guessing the computerized giant market manipulators want to wait until Obama is out before crashing everything. But I have every confidence that President Trump is fully prepared for that and will sic the whirlwind on any Republicans who don't get in line to put an immediate stop to the false manipulation. Since I am one of those thrify people who lives debt-free, and whose savings and meager investments have been destroyed by the shameful prevention of interest rates over the past 8 years, it does not cost me a dime to trust that God is going to continue to help President Trump do His work, along with Trump's own goals.

    This made me laugh: "Repeal and replace Obamacare, but leave Medicare alone. (Grabs spray bottle and sprays.) No Paul Ryan. (Sprays again.) Bad boy. (Sprays again.) No, shut up about Medicare."

    BTW, Amazon has a sale going on for printed books. $10 off of $25 for those shipped by Amazon, through 2 am Tuesday morning. Code is HOLIDAYBOOK. I used it to buy your "Exceptional Americans" volume 1 along with one from another indy writer. Will leave a review after I read it. :-)

  5. Clinton had a sign: "The economy, stupid."

    Trump ought to put up one too: "In country, disunity is death."

  6. Phooey on the stock market. If I want to gamble my money away I'll go back to Las Vegas. At least it's a lot more fun. - Elric

    1. One of these days, Janet Yellen is going to turn up to a press conference, bleary-eyed and hungover, and begin her act with "How did all these people get into my room?"

  7. Trust Trump. Trump’s relationship with truth is on par with his relationships with women—opportunistic and abusive. Donald Trump lies. It’s what he does. Daniel Dale, a Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star has, since mid-September, been publishing a daily tally of Trump’s false claims. He recently called the Republican candidate’s campaign rhetoric a veritable “avalanche of wrongness.” The fewest inaccuracies heard in any day is four. The most is 25. That doesn’t include the first two debates, which counted up as 34 and 33, respectively. Over the course of 33 days, a total of 253 were counted (including some that repeat).

    Do not embarrass Trump. There is nothing we can do to shut him up or straighten out his misbehavior. We should approve of his misogyny because it doesn't compare ISIS violence - what?

    Trump is the True Conservative. Yeah, Right! But only for as long as it takes for him to change his mind again.

    He puts America First. Since when? Pathological narcissism takes first priorty, always, with the president-elect.

    Repeal and replace Obamacare .... Americans don’t want a Republican-lite version of Obamacare that does not address the law’s major defects ... Obamacare “fundamentally reshaped the healthcare system, mostly not for the good,” Merrill Matthews, resident scholar at the Institute for Policy Innovation, explains. “If you repeal Obamacare and we go back to the status quo ante, there’s going to be a lot of high deductible, major medical health insurance policies available at the state level that cost a lot less and won’t leave 30 million people uninsured.” In other words, return to the free market where you buy the affordable heath coverage you need, but Donald is looking for Congress to put another ill-conceived government program in place.

    OOPS - you forgot the greatly anticipated return to Smoot-Hawley protectionism which brought on the Great Depression.

    1. For example of actual pathological narcissism, please be sure to read all of Barfly's posts.

    2. There's nothing sadder than a formerly triumphalist rooster who hasn't yet come to terms with the fact that he's now a feather-duster.

    3. It took a while for barfly to recover from Trump's win but now he's sobered up and back to trolling. You lost barfly! Deal with it! You were wrong about the election and you're wrong about everything else. We laugh at you.

  8. "A man who injured nine people, one critically, in a rampage on Monday morning at Ohio State University was of Somali descent, say US officials.

    Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 18, rammed his car into a group of pedestrians on campus then got out and began stabbing people before police shot him dead."

    Trump microaggressions versus Islamist macroaggressions. No contest really, is it?

    1. Gadfly is a dooshbag.
      Let's leave it at that.

  9. I'm an Independent who could not care less.about the GOP as long as it's being run by the Good Old Boys Club in Congress.

    Trump made a deal with me to do certain things as president in exchange for my vote. (This does not include sucking up to the #NT gang.) If he does not keep his end of the bargain, the deal is off.

  10. Don, other than refraining from gratuitously criticizing Trump, how do we help Trump?

    1. In the area where you live there is probably a small group of local conservative Republicans who meet independently of the party and discuss ways of keeping the party from sliding to the left as any large organization is wont to do. I'd try to contact them and start attending their meetings. They will usually have activities you can help with.

    2. Keep doing what got us, conservatives, here in the first place. Stay active and stay involved. We are winning, we must stay on the offensive though. Collages, government bureaucracies, unions, MSM, courts etc., must get rid of the systems that allow leftist activists to operate within freely without consequences and disruption.

      Donate to causes and group that are fighting the leftist safe places. Leftist cannot survive without government as their host.

      The street protest are meant to intimidate us so we get scared and give up. By putting Trump in power we called them on their bluff. The fights will also be in the courts so pay special attention to that.

      The economy will take care of itself as long as freedom rings and we do our job to keep liberals out of power.

    "pathological narcissist"

  12. Steve in GreensboroNovember 28, 2016 at 6:59 PM

    Straight up common sense from the Doctor of Common Sense -- Don Surber.

    The Democrats are the enemy. The Republicans only slightly less so. The only party that gives a shit about us are the Trumpians.

  13. Good reminder that Republicans have to govern wisely and not be stupid like they were in GWB's early term.

    I would add one thing that I think is paramount. We have to clean up the vote. Progressives, who will ruin us, have a structural advantage in the big urban vote farms. This vote needs to be audited; this swamp badly needs draining.

    If as some suggest the number of illegals is 20-25 M, not 10-13, and a big chunk of them get id and motor voter registration in CA/NY/IL, then it is not a long walk to the idea that enough of them vote Dem to swing elections, and heaven forbid we go to National Popular Vote.

    A point less mentioned is that CA has so many illegals, that their electoral vote count is pumped up by this. So even under the EC, they get advantage beyond the bragging rights of popular vote.