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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

FBI investigation centers on "pay-to-play"

Bret Baier of Fox News put together exactly what is happening in the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton, including the fact that the agency's national security unit is investigating connections between the Clinton foundation and her work at the State department. The emails are the key.

What many of us have said all along appears to be coming true. She sold out the country as secretary of State.

I voted for McGovern in large part because of Watergate. The things I suspected proved true later.

Vote Trump. We must stop her. If we cannot hold her accountable now, we never will.

Now for Game Seven.


  1. Imagine the stress on honest people involved in this investigation. The higher ups don't want them to do anything.

  2. Depending on whom you read, things don't look good for Frumpty.

    This and the rumor about the Hillary Express, if true, should do it.

  3. We shall see if any part of this administration is not yet fully corrupted.

  4. Quick, Don! Save us from Joe Buck!

  5. The Cubs just won the World Series. Another black swan has landed.

    -Mikey NTH

  6. Don, Several months ago you said that the scandals would not stop HiLlARy and that the issue which would be her undoing was the health one.
    Is there a chance this will bring her down, or is this a mega distraction from the Health?
    The enormity of all things Clinton is impossible for fiction. No one would believe it, yet here we are living it. If, after all this, she beats or more likely cheats Trump, we are screwed and we know it.