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Monday, November 14, 2016

Dowd's obituary for Obama's presidency

Maureen Dowd shape-shifted on Sunday from a partisan to an observer of the political scene.

While rummaging through the ruins of Hillary Clinton's self-immolating campaign, Dowd reflected on what Trump's decisive 30-state victory means to Obama's legacy.

I don't care about Dowd's baggage. I find wisdom where I can, even if it is in the New York Times. My book quotes a cartoonist, a physicist, and a porn star. Dowd fits none of those categories, but she did provide insight:
How can it be that in the end, Barack Obama did not understand the Obama revolution?
He came away from that elated whoosh in 2008 not comprehending that many voters viewed him as the escape hatch from Clinton Inc. It never would have occurred to anyone then — even the Clintons — that President Obama would be the one to brush away any aversions and objections, take us by the elbow, and firmly steer us back to Clinton Inc.
Voters waited in line for hours at those early Obama rallies because they wanted thunderous change. They wanted a newcomer who didn’t look like the old dudes on our money, someone who would bust up the incestuous system and give us, as the poster said, hope.
But Obama lost touch with his revolutionary side and settled comfortably into being an Ivy League East Coast cerebral elitist who hung out with celebrities, lectured Congress and scorned the art of political persuasion.
Sold out is the phrase I believe she was looking for.

Trump was a celebrity before he became president. Obama was president and became a celebrity.

Trump was a billionaire before he became president. I believe Obama can top the mere $150 million the Clintons are worth.

Trump embraced the working class before he became president. Obama never had it, never will.

From Dowd:
President Obama, trying to hoist Hillary over the finish line, offered a solipsistic message, saying it would be “a personal insult” if African-Americans did not vote for Hillary, and an accusatory message, suggesting that sexism was stopping men from voting for Hillary.
In September, Hillary stumbled when she dismissed half of Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables.” Tellingly, the snooty remarks were made at a high-dollar fund-raiser hosted by Barbra Streisand and other sparklies at Cipriani Wall Street.
Hillary should have spent less time collecting money on Wall Street and more time collecting votes in Wisconsin.
So should have Obama.

And Jeb.

Obama will blame his failure as president on racism. A predominately white country elected a black man as president, and yet that man will insist on calling it racist. And he will take credit for whatever replaces Obamacare. Of course, had he worked with Republicans -- compromised here and there -- Obamacare would not be swept into the dustbin of history.

The Obama administration was all about Obama. One big selfie. 

Hillary's campaign was the same thing. I'm with her.

Trump's will be about serving America. Many did not see this, and do not see this now. Perhaps upon reflecting in 2024 they will.

For all his loud ego-tripping, Trump does not need the presidency. He built his monuments already. But like Washington, he leaves his home and comes to the aid of his nation. Just like Lincoln. And Grant. And Reagan. 


"Trump the Press" skewers media experts who wrongly predicted Trump would lose the Republican nomination. I use my deadliest weapon: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.


  1. And that, I believe is the telling point. He did not need to do this.

    Remember, he just gave up possibly 8 years of the end of his life for this country. Like Washington, he will grow old in the service of his country.

  2. Steve in GreensboroNovember 14, 2016 at 8:41 AM

    Don: “…I find wisdom where I can, even if it is in the New York Times…”

    Wisdom in the NYT? From La Dowd? This reminds me of the old country song “Looking for Wisdom in All the Wrong Places”.

    The Dowd: “…Hillary should have spent less time collecting money on Wall Street and more time collecting votes in Wisconsin…”

    Reality: The Harpy spent little time talking to real Americans because she had nothing to say to them. The Harpy deplores real Americans. The Democrat party deplores real Americans, which is why they have named a Muslim commie as their new head of the DNC.

    The Harpy and the DNC both want to flood the country with low skill immigrants from countries who hate America and Americans, for two reasons: 1) to tip the balance of the electorate in their favor and 2) to destroy traditional America and real Americans.

    Don: “The Obama administration was all about Obama. One big selfie.”


  3. If you start with the assumption on the left side of the blackboard that "Obama sold out" you might necessarily end up 40 feet to the right where you are. If, however, you start with the assumption at the left that he was really a Marxist with a purpose, you'll end up at the right with "mission accomplished--he's such a smart boy (spoken by Vallerie)."

    Mark St. Cyr has an excessively long but conceptually straightforward piece cited here: that talks about non-other than the "Clinton Rebranding" in disguise.

    It's food for thought about what the reds (purple's) are actually doing.

  4. Her basic premise on Obama is wrong. People stood in line for hours for his rallies because the wanted to feel good about voting for a black man, not because they wanted to actually do good. People stood in line at Trumps rallies case they wanted to do good, not feel good. Once you get that wrong, everything else in the analysis is wrong.

  5. You are on to something in noting that White America voted in a black (mulatto) man and ended up being called racist for it.
    The alt right understands this and their method of making the charges of racism and sexism look ridiculous is not to deny them, but double down on them, the end result being to push the Overton Window further to the right. You may have noticed the nicknames for Mike Pence I posted earlier. Now the left is going crazy over Bannon. Here are some names they will be using for him to drive the left even more insane.
    Steve "Eschew The Jew" Bannon
    Steve "Attacks The Blacks" Bannon
    Steve "Ties The Noose, Never Loose" Bannon
    Steve "Carryin' The Aryan To Victory" Bannon
    Steve "If It's White, It's All Right" Bannon
    Steve "The Supremacist That Won't Desist" Bannon
    Steve "With The Klan, Yes We Can" Bannon
    Steve "White Lovin', Kike Oven" Bannon
    Steve "Fire Pit and Lampshades Lit" Bannon
    Steve "Fights For The Whites" Bannon
    Steve "Ain't no Flaw in Hitler's Law" Bannon
    Steve "Jews to Detain, Load the Train" Bannon
    Steve "Demagogue the Synagogue" Bannon
    Steve "Burn the Torah like Gomorrah" Bannon
    Steve "Those Who Betray Say Oy Vey" Bannon
    Steve "Three Reichs, Zero Kikes" Bannon
    Steve "White Might of the Alt Right" Bannon
    Steve "Anne Franks the Jew Banks" Bannon
    Steve "Won't do less than the SS" Bannon
    Steve "Wehrmacht Kristallnacht" Bannon
    Steve "Drop the Bomb for Lebensraum" Bannon
    Steve "Turn Israel to Glass, Fill the Jews with Gas" Bannon
    Steve "Nothing Purer than the Führer" Bannon
    Steve "Institution of the Final Solution" Bannon
    Steve "crack shootin n' jack bootin" Bannon
    Steve "shooting minorities out of a canon" Bannon
    Steve "sticking true to the mein kampf canon" Bannon
    This could go on forever. The trick is the same as the one the left has been using on the right for decades. This is "commies under your bed" applied logarithmically. And those guys don't care if the game is given away because it still works even if it's out in the open in this case, which it wouldn't have in the fifties and sixties. It's a beautiful thing.
    What's more, the guys making this stuff up are regular people you work with every day, and who use politically correct speech around you all the time, have families, and think actual Nazis are nutcases.
    The difference is that they realize that those who are paranoid about Nazis are just as, if not more crazy than the Nazis, the difference being that they have power and need to be taken down.

  6. Never forget he came from Chiraq. He was always crooked; he just hid it better.

  7. My take on MoDo is "Even a blind pig finds an acorn...sometime."

  8. Dowdie along with the other Hope and Changers are still hanging on to the illusion that Obama was something that he was not. Obama was a crooked Chicago pol and viewed his "turn" as a period for his "side" to cash in. She is still bamboozled and a schmuck. He was never about anything but self enrichment for himself and his pals. A smash and grab administration. I really hope Trump brings in auditors to track the money and claw as much back as possible. MoDo is hanging on to her feelgood illusions.

  9. Way back in the early spring, I was talking to my Dad (who is conservative). He asked, Trump can't be serious about this, can he? I answered, Dad, would he be spending this much of his own money if he wasn't?

    Interesting that my WV state rep, Saira Blair, spent $3600 of her own money - that she made working for her dad's business - on her 2014 campaign. As a 17 year old. She said, I wanted to show people I had skin in the game. Saira foreshadowed Donald. Pretty cool.

  10. Of course, now that the lead GOPe point-man is Trump's chief of staff, all the dreams of Trumpsters and hopeful conservatives will go down the drain, especially with Ryan and McConnell running Congress. Change? Got a few dimes in my pocket, will be the Congressional response--as we saw after 2010, 2012, and 2014...Congress wants to be loved, not make hard decisions--afterall, 435 of them have to run again in 2 years.

    I'll hold off on the I-told-you-DJT-was-a-Democrat until he puts another liberal on the Supreme Court...but it's coming. And Obamacare? Trump is already backtracking from actually killing it, to now "we'll just make a few changes" comments. A wall to stop illegals? HaHaHa!!!! sure, and a few other dreams that'll never come about.

    Trump will end up being the Democrats ally, not their nightmare.

    1. Kurt Wermheimller, Dusseldorf DENovember 14, 2016 at 12:26 PM

      Could you also hold off on being a dick head? Oh....wait...too late.

    2. LOL, so you're back from breaking windows in the streets, huh? Hope you enjoyed your tantrum! Did you get a new safetypin to put through your nose? Is your hair still blue or did you do that pink rinse to be "cutting edge?"

      Can't say you've been missed, but it is nice to have an example of idiocy to serve as an example to others. Welcome back!

  11. And....the trolls are back.

  12. Oh, good. Orders of the Day are "Smug Mode", people.

  13. It was always a mystery to me why Obama gave Clinton any platform from which to run at all- not to mention actual support for her election. At almost any point in the two years running up to this July, Obama could have ended her hopes.

    1. He may have intended to build a platform for her election hopes, but it came out looking awfully like a scaffold.

  14. "How can it be that in the end, Barack Obama did not understand the Obama revolution?"

    Because Obama really is not that smart. Certainly nowhere near what they are crediting him for.

  15. One of the many things that Dowd will never understand is that Obama is just a puppet. Without Valerie Jarrett telling him what to say through his teleprompter, Obama can hardly make sense at all; he must have been in agony trying to deal with Trump face-to-face, even though he's had almost 8 years to learn something about the office he holds. He's an actor that still relies on his script, long after he should have been able to improvise while remaining in character.

    He hangs with celebrities, rappers and sports stars because they're on his intellectual level. Left to his own devices, he doesn't read books- he does fantasy football & watches the NBA (which is fine, but hardly intellectual.)

    Anyone who has watched him try to speak without his teleprompter knows this. It still amazes me that so many, and the media in particular, believe the "talking points" and the "narrative" instead of the "facts!" The map is NOT the territory!

    1. If you had the fiber to listen to his presser yesterday, he again sounded like he was stoned. "Uh...uh...uhhh. Uh ....ahhh. uhhhh." I never bought the crap that he was a political genius and always thought he was a boring low-wattage dullard propped up by an adoring sycophant media and worshipped by millions of the millions of sheep in the US citizenry on white guilt trips. Plus, he had just gotten absolutely creamed in the election and he will have a pathetic loser legacy. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  16. Obama's "Legacy" will be that he ran, by far, the most corrupt administration in US history.

    Using the IRS to silence the opposition by refusing to grant non-profit status is the worst abuse of power we've ever seen. Obliterates any claim to legitimacy from his re-election.

    His legislative "accomplishments" were 1) Stimulus - complete failure 2) Porkulous (the spending bill passed in March '09) - resulted in 20 Trillion in debt but the lowest GDP growth rate since the Great Depression (in fact - it is on pace to actually be lower) 3) Obamacare, which will cease to exist 4) Dodd/Frank Financial Strangulation Bill - created the CFPB. If Trump has a clue (doubtful) he'll abolish this too. 5) Tax hike passed in 2013, given to him by the R Congress. R's are dead set on opening 2017 with tax reform.

    That's it. Everything else was either a foreign policy disaster or an executive order that Trump will abolish or reverse in his first week.

    The negative legacy items are legion. Positive ones non-existent. But, I'm sure the liberal media and liberal college professors will make out like he was a demi-god for being the first black POTUS.