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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Democrats need white voters

For the past two decades, the liberal media have told Republicans that they must repent their ways or risk losing the black vote and the Hispanic vote forever. There is ominous talk of white people no longer being a majority -- someday.

But if that were true -- if race is destiny -- why are Democrats in their worst shape since 1928?

The truth is Democrats have the race problem.

There is only one white Democratic congressman from the 11 Confederate states.

In part, this is the unintended consequence of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which mandated the creation of black congressional districts. Black voters now account for roughly one in every four Democratic votes. Roping them off in districts that are up to 90 percent black puts Democrats in a tougher position to win non-black districts.

But Democrats are so busy courting black and Hispanic votes that they fail to see the big picture.

Ignoring (and even mocking) the problems of white Americans comes with a price. Writing off Appalachia and the South gives Republicans a firewall of 13 states and also jeopardizes Democratic chances in Pennsylvania, a must-win state for any Democratic presidential nominee.

The racial arithmetic works this way: White people account for roughly three-quarters of the vote. Even if Democrats get 90 percent of the non-white vote, they need 36.7 percent of the white vote in order to win by 0.03 percent.

Right now, Hillary is at 33.7 percent among white voters, according to the Los Angeles Times poll on Monday.

Trump has a 24-point advantage over her among whites. Romney had a 20-point advantage.

The news gets worse for Democrats because she is losing their non-white advantage.

She has an 82-point advantage among black voters. Obama had an 87-point advantage.

She has a 24-point advantage among Hispanic voters. Obama had a 44-point advantage.

The bottom line is Trump is ahead by 3.4 four years after Obama won by 3.9 points.

That is a 7.3-point swing in just four years.

White votes matter, as Democrats could very well learn in the next seven days.


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  1. One thing I've noticed about progressivism:
    It takes a robust, thriving Western civilization for granted even when it's been brought into decline.

    1. It's the hubris of people operating under metaphysical assumptions that they would deny the existence of.

  2. Democrats have been pandering to minorities and ignoring the majority for too long. It may be "The Silent Majority," but when they wake up and express themselves they will be heard. - Elric

  3. Those homeless blacks guarding Trump's star in Hollywood and getting attacked for it isn't going to help Hillary much either.

    1. I believe that's referred to as "bad optics" in the media. Also as
      "don't air this!!!!111!!"

  4. They say all the Demos need is to lose 5% of the black vote and they're toast.

    Also, if '12 was an honest count, Romney needed a bit more of the white of the white vote.

  5. True. But I think whites are now feeling under attack like they weren't in 2012. And honestly, there were some hispo immigrants down in my G'Burg neighborhood who were a damn sight more patriotic than the whites. Big tent, y'all. Big tent.

  6. Was reading Vox Day's take on Hillary demanding that Comey release all of the emails he has and the fact that an investigator is barred from releasing evidence during and investigation. This reminded me of the JFK "missile gap" ploy during the 1960 campaign when Eisenhower was still president and Nixon was vice president. JFK himself was on the defense and intelligence committees and knew very well that he was lying about the missile gap and that the Russians had very little nuclear weapon and delivery capacity compared to ours. He also knew that Eisenhower and Nixon would be divulging state secrets if they were to refute this. So Kennedy got away with a lie which helped him win the presidency.
    As an aside, Jimmy Carter, when faced with his apparent weakness on defense issues by Reagan, revealed a state secret when he blabbed about the stealth bomber program, which was top secret.
    I guess the lesson here is that power matters more than our security to Democrats, and you can always count on them to do the wrong thing. Or try to get someone else to do it for them.

  7. Black people are waking up too.

    1. Yeah...I've been to a couple of funerals for black colleagues and the churches were absolutely on fire for Our Lord. And then they go out and vote 95 percent Democrat. I don't get it. Remind me again which party freed the slaves?

  8. I've mentioned before, we still have a white Dem congress critter in Memphis TN.

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