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Monday, November 21, 2016

CNN goes Elmer Fudd on President Trump

Kellyanne Conway put down CNN presenter Chris Cuomo today when he began bitching about President Trump's tweets.

She asked: "Why do you care?"

Over the weekend, President Trump blew the media's mind by tweeting back at the cast of "Hamilton" and the "SNL" show. His tweets created a great diversion from Trump University. Remember, at any one time, the press must be outraged by something President Trump has done. As long as he provides the material, he is in charge.

From the Hill:
"Why take it up? Why take up SNL? No president does that. Why waste time? Why distract?" CNN's Chris Cuomo asked Kellyanne Conway Monday morning.
"Why do you care?" Conway replied in the contentious interview. 

If the media were not so anxious to get President Trump, they might, but like hunters who shoot at the first thing that moves, they will go home empty-handed.

More from the Hill:
Conway said CNN is "focusing on divisions" by bringing up Trump's tweeting. 
"This network and other people will always be focused on divisions. How about accepting the election results, Chris, and letting him form a government?"
"He is a leader, and takes the counsel of many people, and that's exactly what he's doing." 
Cuomo shot back: "And a leader should also have thick skin."
Cuomo shot back.

Cuomo shot. And shot. And shot.

Cuomo shot his credibility in this campaign.

I don't know if Cuomo asked Conway about Trump University paying $25 million to settle with students. The Hill did not report if he did.

President Trump is trolling the media. Bigly.


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  1. Walk softly and carry a big Tweet. - Elric

    1. ". . . a big Tweet." Brilliant, Elric!

      Besides, if the media is getting its knickers in a twist, then it is most definitely the correct thing to do.

      For the past two weeks I've been grinning so much my face hurts . . . and Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet.

  2. My grin, it is BIGLY. (Great word, Don!)

    1. Sam,

      Did you mean to say YUUUUUUUUUUGE?

    2. Nope, Savin' that one. My mouth ain't that big.

  3. You know that little Loony Toons dog with the loud bark that keeps freaking out the cat, so it winds up clinging to the ceiling?

    That's the mental image I get when Trump and the MSM go head to head.

  4. "And a leader should also have thick skin."

    So that's why Obungler was such a lousy leader. He was thin skinned.

    1. So thin skinned that it was the only part of his presidency that was transparent.

    2. Well, his skin was thin, it's true; but he made up for that by having a very thick head.

      Impenetrable, some would say.

  5. Problem is, Cuomo walked away thinking he was the one who scored the points.

  6. If Trump actually had thin skin there's no way that Romney interview ever happens. It's an act.

  7. "...CNN presenter Chris Cuomo..."
    I love that. Presenter — much more accurate description.

  8. One thing about Donald (and Kellyanne for that matter)...the kill shots are things of beauty. American Sniper shit.

  9. The minor medialites are so grateful for DT, yes they are. Who would pay any attention to Chris otherwise?
    Would he even have a job in NY media if not for his family name? I confess I don't know. I have never watched his show. But he does have a name Royal to the Dems who rule his chosen world. And, Yes Gov Bro is gearing up for Kombat. There must be someone young with fresh ideas to replace those elderly Clinton duds, save the ruins of oligarchy left burning out of control by the maniac Trump in 2020. An anti Fracking, anti gun, high tax influence peddling Eastern lib of Royal lineage dear to the NYT is just the ticket. Yes, Surely it was the messengers not the message!
    But wait... about once a month, Murdoch's evil fascist rag, the NYPost, hints darkly of an indictment for Bro. All innuendo of course, no facts, the swine! Shame! Rat Comey redux!
    Perhaps soon, perhaps a little down the road.
    Along the way, I'm sure Chris will have time to develope the lead skin he commands for DT, especially if he is Instagramed by some ingrate Post reporter visiting Bro's new concrete bungalow in the bucolic and Trumpista Hudson Valley. In the meantime he knows he himself will still be working on Sixth Avenue, enjoying the full service luxury of a Manhattanite reverie, thanks to DT and his thin skin, so why worry. He is safe for now. And still Royal.

  10. "And a leader should also have thick skin."

    Cuomo should take his own advice.

  11. "Why do you care"?

    The perfect answer for the next 8 years. And Cuomo the Creep deserved to be shot down with this perfect kill shot.