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Friday, November 25, 2016

AP fears President Trump's military junta

Robert Burns of the Associated Press fears some sort of military takeover of America, now that President Trump is on his way to the White House.

From Robert Burns of the Associated Press:
WASHINGTON (AP) — The military parade for Donald Trump has come early. Two months before Inauguration Day festivities, an extraordinary number of recently retired generals, including some who clashed with President Barack Obama's administration, are marching to the president-elect's doorstep for job interviews.
It's not unusual for an incoming administration to consider a retired general for a top position like CIA director. But Trump has turned to retired officers so publicly and in such large numbers that it raises questions about the proper balance of military and civilian advice in a White House led by a commander in chief with no defense or foreign policy experience.
Oh no, Donald Trump will repeal the Third Amendment and force us to quarter soldiers in peacetime.

But Burns also got in a dig on Trump:
The tilt toward military officials may reflect a limited pool of civilian options. Many officials from previous Republican administrations politically disowned Trump during the campaign, calling him unqualified. And Trump suggested he wouldn't want many of them, as he vowed to "drain the swamp" by running establishment figures out of town.
Has Burns ever heard of a man named Mitt Romney? He wants to be Secretary of State. No Republican was more openly against Trump this year.

The fact is, Trump does not want any of the backstabbing SOBs who have mocked him for the past two years.

And Trump also does not want any of those revolving door lobbyists sucking on the taxpayer's teat again.

For all their big talk about being watchdogs, journalists turn a blind eye to corruption.

But what Robert Burns apparently really does not like are military veterans:
The concern about undue military influence derives from a long U.S. tradition of civilian control of the military, which is the basis for a ban on active-duty officers running the Pentagon. The Constitution affirms civilian control by making the president the commander in chief and giving Congress the authority to declare war and fund the military.
The appointment of too many generals to high civilian positions could prompt fears that Trump is on a path to militarizing U.S. foreign policy or giving the military too much sway in decisions about war and peace.
Yes, let us not give "the military too much sway in decisions about war and peace." The generals would want peace.

They have actually been in wars.


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  1. I would say back to Mr. Burns, if this ridiculous effort to overturn the election results were somehow to succeed, we're comin atcha. With torches, guns, tar, and feathers. It will not go well for you, Mr. Burns.

  2. It was a great general, Eisenhower, who warned against the military industrial complex and ended the war in Korea. Who got us into Vietnam? Not a military guy. How about Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, etc etc. No general pulled those strings. This attack on Trump is designed to damage confidence in him before he takes power and is a meme that will be repeated endlessly by the left.
    Fortunately the AP and the rest of the press now have the public stature of dog shit pressed into a New York sidewalk. In general , because in the campaign he exposed them as the the fools they really are,they hate him worse than Bush who won the war in Iraq by ignoring their shameful wailing calls for retreat at any price. It was the 3D chess champion strategic genius with perfectly creased pants Obama who ignored not only his military but excellent bipartisan civilian leadership in the defense department and instead listened to the press as well as his white house female commissars with chaotic results. I'll put my chips on Trump over the AP anytime. PMD

    1. Depends on your definition of a military guy, and when you view our entry into Vietnam. Truman, who actually got us involved there in the form of military aid was a member of the Missouri National Guard and served in WW1. He retired from the Army Reserve in 1951 with the rank of Colonel.
      LBJ. who escalated involvement was an officer in the Naval Reserve. He acted as FDR's personal eyes and ears in the Pacific Theater. He remained in the Naval Reserve until January 18th, 1964 retiring with the rank of Commander.
      As for worthless Willie, he was in the Naval Reserve as well. Deserted from it too.
      As for these Generals now, Barry has been systematically striping the military ranks of good senior officers who are patriotic and has kept on the fools who would shoot American citizens and not bat an eyelash. My sincere hope is these guys want their jobs back, many of them have a lot left to give in the form of experience and knowledge as well as having contacts in various places which would benefit American interests in preserving peace.

    2. Last I looked, a military guy, Jack Kennedy, got us into 'Nam, unless you want to count Ike, who sent the first observers into the place.

      Grenada was Reagan, US Cav, WWII service. The others was a guy who was Air Guard.

      Then, of course, you had military types like Jackson, Lincoln (Black Hawk War), etc.

  3. Asshole Propaganda. AP.

  4. You don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't spit into the wind. You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don't fool around America. You Asshole!
    I'm not well socialized like Mr Burns so if I'm giving him too much respect please let me know.

  5. I find it refreshing. Take us back to George C Marshall and the 1950's, if only for a year (like then). Since then, the departments are been run solely by political hacks. (and look how well they did)

  6. The fact we've had a junta running the country the last 8 years is lost on him.

    1. I wouldn't say junta, that refers to a military coalition. Puppet government would be more correct since a certain nazi war criminal has his hand up Barry's ass and is manipulating his mouth.

  7. If anyone rules by diktat, it's President Executive Order, not Trump.

  8. The idiot Left (but I repeat myself) normally predicts fascism, and this particular fool suggests a junta. I do expect the military will support Mr. Trump with a fair amount of enthusiasm after 8 years of Obama.
    Question: How soon will we start referring to him as Mr. T, and saying "I pity da fool Dems"? Not that we're going to pity da Dems, for they hath not earned pity, but contempt.