Thursday, October 06, 2016

Stat of the day


  1. Never! Hillary maintains that she has every reason to believe that the following poll responses are actually with her.

    A). Don't know

    B). Don't care

    C). Hey, am I on Candid Camera?

  2. Unless the polls take account of the dead people, the illegals, the stuffed ballot boxes, the manipulated voting machines, the people who will each vote 6 times or 10 time---all in the pursuit of fraud perpetrated by and for the Democrats, I don't want to hear about no stinkin' polls. Early voting has begun, which means the quadrennial vote cheating by Democrats is getting ramped up.

    Every 4 years during a presidential election these things happen like clockwork: (1) the press defends the Democrats' candidate and dumps on the Republicans' nominee; (2) the moderators at the farcical presidential debates (unexpectedly!) trash the Republican nominee and openly side with the Democrat...which the Republicans take like wimps and---amazingly---come back for MORE of the same punishment 4 years later; and (3) the Democrats do an incredible amount of cheating right out in the open where everyone can see it to build in a 5% hedge in the vote tally for their candidate, so the Republican starts with a 5% handicap he has to overcome just to stay even. You can make book on each one of those things repeating, election after election.

    1. So so true Iaep. The concrete proof: Rs control more statehouses and governor mansions across the land than ever before all the while Rs also control both federal statehouses. If that isn't proof of blatant Democratic voter fraud, I don't know what is.
      BTW - change the aluminum on your tin hat lately?

    2. Well stated Iaepetus. The RNC's agreement to allow communists like Lester Dolt to 'moderate' the presidential debates never will cease to amaze and disappoint me. Why don't they say screw it, if we can't get someone a little more balanced, we are out? They score points when they punch the mainstream media dumbasses in the face. I swear, these stupid idiots would fold a poker hand if dealt 4 aces.

    3. Why even bother with these "debates?" Next time, the Republican nominee should just say "no thanks" and decline to participate. When called nasty names, just let the public know that the debates don't really prove much, are normally biased, and don't really count for much. Restating Iapetus' comment would be excellent talking points.

  3. b...b....b....b.....b.....but 538 says something different!