Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tweet of the day

1. I have no idea who Vinnie James is. Apparently an actual singer. The song I listened to has a beat and you can dance to it. And he's based, according to

2. Based is lingo for someone on their side. I'm 63. Reddit is outside my ken. (I wish someone there would link "Trump the Press," but that is my greed talking.) I'm based but not a centipede, mainly cause I don't quite understand the pede concept.

3. Having Jill Stein back The Donald offsets Bill Weld backing The Criminal. Stein thinks not starting a nuclear war is better than not saying pussy.

4. I am limiting my tweeting. Not a boycott, just a realization it is run by SJWs. Friending me on Facebook works. Zuckerberg may be a SJW but he did reach out to conservatives and has not kicked Trump out.


  1. "The song I listened to has a beat and you can dance to it."

    Hey, we got us the new Marty McFly right here! Got the boyish good looks too, unlike yours truly.

    Now say, "Whoa Doc, do you mean to tell me this sucker is nuclear?".

  2. Never joined Facebook, Big D, but a new service called Gab has entered the arena as Twitter implodes. I'll follow you there once my membership is processed. Gotta love the Salman Rushdie quote!

  3. Zucker will turn on you if you get big enough. Right now, he likely doesn't know who you are.

  4. Actually, Stein has some clout.

    Johnson and Weld are a joke.