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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tweet of the day


  1. No kidding.

    -Mikey NTH

  2. He's too nice - there's no "it seems" here. That is exactly what is going on. Especially in light of all the corruption we've seen just in the last 2-3 months: the leaked emails, the compromised FBI investigation, the collusion between State and the Clinton Foundation to sell access to thugs and plutocrats, the violent, organized mob action funded by the DNC at the Trump rallies purely to deceive American voters, and on and on it goes ...

    I'm sorry, but there is no argument in the world that is going to convince me that I should be **more** worried about how Trump might be awful as president compared to what we already **know** Hillary would do, because she already has.

    It's literally impossible for Trump to be worse.

  3. Trump fights. They don't fight. I keep getting emails from Reince Priebus asking for money. I'm like, dude, are you on drugs? I've given about 5 hundie to DJT but the Reepub establishment is not gonna get a cent of my money...

  4. And that is exactly why the GOP base selected Trump as their candidate. The GOP Establishment squishes have been given their pink slips. If they won't stand up to Obama and the Democrats for sane immigration, stop spending money we don't have, balancing the budget, and rebuilding a robust military (without the social experimentation) let them form their own party. They certainly aren't Republicans. G'bye! - Elric

  5. "Country"? Hah hah, that's a good one, Dinesh! Members of Congress stopped running out of the love of country a long time ago. Their goal today is to squeeze as much tax $$$ from all other states and cong. districts and stick it in their pocket and in the pockets of their cronies back home. They are mainly greedy crapweasels. This is why we need Trump to win and start the clean up process. I am like you ZReg, I return those letters from Reince begging for $$ telling him that I'll consider it maybe when they can Ryan and The Turtle, but that I am sending Trump my $ directly. Go Trump, this race is wide open and we should remain optimistic! The mainstream media criminals still don't get to elect the president at least not yet.

  6. The GOP has given itself good reason to fear losing their party. And us, to look forward to it.