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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tweet of the day -- from August 3, 2015!


  1. DJT is like The Amazing Kreskin. He knows what card you're going to lay down before you even lay it down. The guy is a psychic, I'm telling you...

  2. He's either Sherlock Holmes in his deductive powers (and don't think he couldn't be) or he and Assange have been working hand-in-hand all along.

    and the two are not mutually exclusive.


  3. Hillary is Huma's puppet - in the State Department & even possibly in the Oval Office, this Muslim Brotherhood female has taken control.

    Obama - Hillary "Manchurian Candidates" horrifying!

    1. I don't subscribe (yet) to your claim, but I find it a remarkable indiscretion on Huma's part to have sent so many thousands of emails from her work computer to her home computer. If it had been just a few dozen or a few hundred, then I might be thinking the contents of those emails were likely of a personal nature and there's nothing to see here. But (allegedly) tens of thousands of emails? That is truly hard to fathom. So I'm left to speculate why so many were sent. Was it because Huma did not trust Hillary and was worried Hillary might throw her under the bus, so she needed these emails as insurance to keep from being made the fall-girl? Or were the contents of such a nature that she, Huma, preserved them so she could use them against Hillary, perhaps for the nefarious purposes you suggested? At this point, it's a mystery. Except for the fact that the revelation shows, once again, why Hillary's private email server was such an incredibly bad idea and misjudgment from the get-go.

    2. Good points to consider. I think it might be as simple as Huma saying to her spouse, "Gimme your laptop, I gotta check emails for a second..." She signs in looks and signs out. But the computer kept all of the files in a hidden cache on the drive.

  4. Trump is a Master Persuader. He laid down the marker for this some time back. Now that it has come to be he can look prescient. He has several other markers out as well, and as Hillary fumbles and stumbles he will be pointing those out. - Elric

  5. Clinton stood athwart the railroad tracks,
    She heard heard the whistle squeal;
    The Donald, he got slowly down,
    And scraped her off the wheel.