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Thursday, October 06, 2016

"Trump is tearing the NFL apart"

Bleacher Report delved into politics and NFL locker rooms to report that the league is divided politically along racial lines. According to a survey by writer Mike Freeman, 91% of the black players support Hillary, and 100% of the white players support Trump.

This is a problem for two reasons:
  1. The NFL is 68% black, 28% white, and 4% other races.
  2. The black players see Trump as racist. 
From Bleacher Report:
“A lot of black players believe saying the first black president isn’t really American is racist as f--k,” one player told B/R Mag.
Recalled another black player: “I was talking Trump and Hillary with a white teammate, and the conversation was fine. Things got a little heated when he said, ‘Trump isn’t racist.’ I don’t know how anyone doesn’t see how that’s just not true. We talked about that statement for two days.
“We were taking a break during practice maybe four days or so after our last conversation about Trump,” the player continued. “He came up to me and said, ‘Here’s why Trump’s not racist and Hillary is.’ Then we argued for another day. It was sort of heated again.”
For the most part, though, NFL players have attempted to rise above the divisiveness of the campaign, however divided their workplace environment might already have become. One starting offensive lineman said he and his teammates “discuss politics every day. We couldn’t be more different and are good friends and joke about all of it.”
“That’s an issue with this country,” said the lineman, who said he planned to vote for Trump. “We can’t have conversations anymore. We are too sensitive. It’s OK to disagree about things.”
Now we are getting somewhere.

There are differences between black and white, and many white people like me see the default position in America as always siding with the black point of view. Many black people see it the opposite way.

When millionaire black entertainers complain about racism, their white fans scratch their heads. The election of a black president has not healed racial wounds. It has re-opened old wounds.

Well, let's re-examine them then. We have tried for fifty years to pretend racism can be totally eliminated without actually working to eliminate it. On the one hand, we have affirmative action. On the other hand those affirmative action hires all seem to be for African-American studies professors. The answer to racism is more racism? We need black petroleum engineers because that is where the money is. Let's encourage that instead of sentencing the best and the brightest black students to the African-American studies ghetto.

We pressure successful black people to be a role model for the black community. Has anyone suggested Tom Brady mentor poor white boys? Don't be stupid. And yet it would be headless as well as heartless not to recognize the greater need in poor black neighborhoods.

We cannot survive if we split along racial lines. We have to overcome our inherent racism. Somehow.

I have no answer, but I do know we need to raise the question. Trump's dividing the NFL? Good, because it already was divided. No one wanted to admit it because Americans like to pretend we're perfect. We're not.


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  1. The problem w/ racism, as far as this white born-in-NYer is concerned (who never experienced racism and was the epitome of color-blind until it was **directed at him** in college), comes almost fully from one group refusing to let go because to do so would be bad for business.

    IOW, like so many things in life, if you take away the economic incentive for grievance (read: welfare, affirmative action, etc.) you'd slay the dragon of racism w/o trying.

  2. As long as identity politics are shoved down our throats, we'll always be divided. And that seems to suit the democrats quite well.

    1. Indeed, it's their policy, to keep the blacks on the left's plantation.

  3. One starting offensive lineman said he and his teammates “discuss politics every day. We couldn’t be more different and are good friends and joke about all of it.”

    This would be a miracle if true, which I doubt. You don't disagree with a BLM supporter - ever!

  4. It's not Trump doing the tearing; he's merely the pretext for doing it. Question: Do black players (by position and time in the team) get paid less than the white players (by position and time in the team) with equivalent stats?

  5. If the nation were as truly racist as some of the black pro athletes think it is, the stadiums would be empty on game day and they would be out of jobs. Sports fans applaud accomplishment. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

    1. No white people would go to NBA games.

      And yet, they do.

  6. Why do you believe that "the best and brightest black students" go into African-American studies? I believe that group is composed of the most racist students. The best and brightest I believe go elsewhere.

  7. Why do you believe that "the best and brightest black students" go into African-American studies? I believe that group is composed of the most racist students. The best and brightest I believe go elsewhere.

  8. The racial imbalance among the players in the NFL and NBA is pretty stark when the numbers are compared against the general population. How would the black players feel if there was an affirmative action program imposed on both leagues to make the racial composition of the teams look like the general population, namely 70% or more white and 13% black? "Oh no, we can't have that. It should be based on skill, not the color of an athlete's skin." Hmmm, isn't that what many whites have been saying in their opposition to the minority affirmative policies have been put in place over the years with the blessings of the Supreme Court? The way to end racial discrimination is to stop discriminating on the basis of race, whether it's "for" or "against" .

  9. Let's not forget that "our first black president" is- 1/only half black, and 2/wasn't raised as a black person in mainland USA. (Personally I only loathe his white half, though others may differ.)

    The only way he and (say) Jesse Jackson are similar is in skin color and loathing of whitey; their backgrounds are totally different. Obama's "black experience" is unlike 99% of American black people.

    Also, it would be great if instead of black people going into African-American studies they went into STEM subjects, as that really is where the money's at; but unfortunately that requires something that most black people just don't have, through no fault of their own. It's discussed in a book called 'The Bell Curve' and is not discussable as long as PC reigns, so I'll not try.

    1. Forget ye not the Dems and their teachers unions running the schools.

  10. Will Rudy implement stop and frisk at games if Trump wins? Plaxico Buress and Aaron Hernandez are not available to comment.

  11. quota hire...quota promote...explains most of the problems...add in crime numbers and you have the entire problem in one paragraph...

  12. A lot of these guys slid through college on athletic passes (you can't call them scholarships). They really don't know anything and have been pampered all their lives because they could run or throw a ball.

    Racism has been awfully good to them, but you'd have to be able to think to see that.

  13. @Eskyman: These days there are increasing numbers of minorities entering the STEM fields, which is a good thing, not because they are minority, but because the country benefits when more of its citizens, regardless of color or gender, are well educated and have a valuable skill. That said, do not for a moment believe that STEM fields are free of the prejudices that drive affirmative action policies in other areas and that success in the STEM area is based on merit alone. That's not the case these days. All---and I mean ALL---of the professional STEM societies and institutions are fully engaged in affirmative action programs to recruit and hire and promote minorities and women based on race, ethnicity, and gender. Merit still counts, but so does the government, which makes it its business to count every single minority and female hire in every institution that takes federal money. Major employers, the nation's universities among them, are discriminating on the basis of race and gender like never before. In some STEM fields, the predictable results of affirmative action are self-correcting, in others not. Just let me say that the collapse of a bridge that's been designed by an affirmative action graduate engineer whose technical skills and training are comparable to what Obama brought to the presidency is not the optimal way to self-correct errors in social policy.