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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trump cuts Clinton lead in half in Fox News poll

Earlier today, I posted ABC: Clinton's lead drops four points in a single day.

Tonight, Fox News trimmed three points off the lead it gave Hillary in its poll.

From Fox News:
Clinton is ahead of Trump by 44-41 percent. Another one-in-ten back a third-party candidate and four percent are undecided. Last week she was up by six points (45-39 percent) and before that by seven (45-38 percent). 
The poll, released Wednesday, finds Clinton leads 49-44 percent in the head-to-head match-up.  That 5-point advantage is at the edge of the error margin. She was up 7 a week ago (49-42 percent).
Trump is helped by increased backing among independents and greater strength of support: 68 percent of those backing Trump support him “strongly,” compared to 61 percent for Clinton.
Trump is out hitting the hustings and drawing tens of thousands of supporters, while Clinton is still resting from a weekend appearance before a few hundred people. Which is just as well. She is a terrible campaigner. Hers is a prevent defense in which she hides behind hideous ads.

From the story:
“To be competitive, Trump needs to consolidate support among Republicans and carry independents,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw. “That’s where he’s made in-roads in the last week, mostly by focusing his attention on the economy and Obamacare.” Shaw conducts the Fox News Poll with Democratic counterpart Chris Anderson.  
Trump’s substantive strength is the economy.  He’s trusted over Clinton by four points, yet that’s the only issue where he bests her.  More trust Clinton to handle foreign policy (+15 points), immigration (+3), and terrorism (+3).
He wins on the issues.

Which is why the media concentrates on things he said twenty years ago.

I still maintain, the polls are not rigged. They are just wrong.

Just like the media was wrong about Trump winning the Republican nomination.


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  1. Lessee, here, who prints polls? Who tells us about them on TV?

    Well, nobody I trust. People who've lied to me before.

  2. MSNBC interview African Americans in SC he has a minute with them and all he asks is (paraphrase) 'what do you think of the criticism of what Trump said' as opposed to 'why do you like Trump'

    1. Answer should be, "It's crap, just like your question."

    2. If you watch the video, you can tell that those black folks are too nice to say that. I would be fighting with myself not to coldcock the bastard.

  3. Looks like the move is on.

    Feels like '80.

  4. Just an item worth mentioning. If for some odd reason Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife, corrupt alcoholic enabler of her sexual predator husband wins, it will be the third time a Clinton was elected with less then 50% of the popular vote.

  5. She's more trusted on immigration and terrorism? I don't think so.

    If a "representative" sample that trusts her more on immigration and terrorism only gives her a 3 point lead, she's in big trouble.

    That having been said, I wouldn't bet a nickel on the outcome of the election.

    Mark S.

  6. If WikiLeaks has even a modicum of showmanship, they're saving the Tsar Bomba Hillary-leak for the last week of the election campaign.


  8. Saw something on Ace where he says that people define themselves politically and vote based not on what they love but on what and whom they hate. Think about what this says about nevertumpers and their attitude toward people like us. It's like sitting in a fox hole looking out at the enemy and then turning to see the guy in there with you glaring at you with murder in his eyes.
    That's the way I see the Republican Party and Conservatism, Inc now.