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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Too much life in the ocean?

Remember how global warming was supposed to make the oceans lifeless because melting snow would dilute the sea water?

Yeah, that's a load of brine too.

From Real Clear Life:
Scientists returning from a recent deep-sea expedition are struggling to explain why they found an unusually high concentration of marine life off the coast of Hawaii. The federal researchers were surprised to see an abundance of sawtooth eels, dragonfish, and other mercurial creatures at that depth.
The stretch of ocean in question, around a mile off the Big Island’s coast, defies the norm. While Hawaii is generally known by experts to be teeming with sea life, the rest of the surrounding Pacific waters are a biological wasteland.
In a recent interview with the Associated Press, the expedition’s lead researcher and NOAA oceanographer Jamison Gove believes therein lies the mystery: “[We] know that Hawaii is this biological hotspot,” Gove said, “So there’s kind of this paradox: How can you have so much productivity around Hawaii yet the surrounding ocean waters are literally a barren ocean landscape?”
Maybe it is man.

Maybe boats dumping garbage in the ocean helps feed the critters.

Maybe mankind actually helps the environment.

Maybe the more carbon dioxide the sea absorbs, the livelier the sea becomes.

By the way, 45 years ago, the rock group, America, answered this question: “How can you have so much productivity around Hawaii yet the surrounding ocean waters are literally a barren ocean landscape?”
The ocean is a desert with it's life underground
And a perfect disguise above
Hawaii is an oasis in that barren desert. This is not so dificult to figure out once you realize climate change is crap.

I used to have respect for scientists. Now I don't know.

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  1. Scientist are left wing propagandist.

  2. Many "scientists" are huge followers of President Grant.

    They're such admirers of his that all they talk about is Grant Money or Government Grant, and they like to have pictures of President Grant filling their wallets.

    Sadly, these "scientists" are so interested in everything to do with Grant that they neglect the Science!

    1. More true than you realize. The blood-lines for study sections/grant money is worse than the Bush's and GOP/Clinton.

      @jjs: Here's the rule. If a Ph.D was granted (notice I didn't say 'obtained') after 1990 circular file anything they write. The downer side is also that they keep propagating younger Ph.D.s. The upside is that there are no jobs for most Ph.D.s and they end up at Cambridge Analytica.

      And to Don's point, if you want to have fun sometime go visit a 'hydroponic' supply house website and look at the massive number of C02 generators they have for sale. Those dudes use more CO2 than a fire extinguisher refill company. Makes them buds grow real good.

    2. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

  3. Just another example of how the "experts" are constantly being surprised by what they didn't know.

  4. SEE??? Even the fish want to go to Hawai'i! Sharks, of course, go for the surfers.

  5. I still trust scientists. I don't trust "scientists."

  6. CO2-- general nutrient. Feed little stuff, and it ends up feeding bigger stuff. Duh.

  7. Sorry, folks, the science has been settled by the Marvelettes: