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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Switching from Green Party to Trump

Via, a woman who was for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, is switching to Trump. Her argument: "It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to switch my vote from Jill to Trump, and here is why: HILLARY'S WORDS HAVE SHAKEN ME TO MY CORE."

It is an interesting and long post (over 1,200 words) that unlike most newspaper columns on the presidential race has some original thoughts.

She first backed Sanders, before moving on to Stein.

She wrote:
Last night's debate changed everything.
I've never been a fan of HC, but her increasing arrogance and disgusting smug attitude reached peak levels last night. She refused to answer the most critical questions. She laughed and smiled as she bragged about Bernie campaigning for her (which isn't entirely the truth; he's been campaigning for Our Revolution and supporting progressive candidates across the country). But the thing that troubled me the most was the complete disregard of national security: to so flippantly remark about nuclear f*****g war, to state the precise amount of time from orders to execution, and to do all of it just to try to make herself appear to be far more informed, qualified, and intelligent than her opponent was beyond the pale.
I'm terrified of her now and nothing, absolutely nothing will make me see her as anything other than a tyrant on her way to the throne. Even if a single email had never been released, or a single Congressional hearing, or a single FBI criminal investigation had happened, her flippant attitude about firing nuclear weapons scared the shit out of me.
As for Trump:
Whatever he may have done or said in his past makes absolutely no difference in comparison to her willingness, even eagerness, to declare the most dangerous, deadly, and devastating form of warfare imaginable. I can't afford to take any chances. She must be stopped.
Now this may be a hoax, and that happens in a political season, but the language and grammar used read genuinely hippie liberal to me. But mine eyes are biased. Read it for yourself.

She is not a conservative?

Well her vote counts.

And she is more conservative than the feckless Closet Hillary Lovers at the Weekly Standard, Commentary, National Review, et cetera.

A vote is a vote. Welcome aboard.


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  1. The conversion from commie to Trumpist is shocking, not to say unbelievable.

    But the Harpy will certainly start WWIII if she is elected, so if you are against nuclear Armageddon, you certainly must vote for Trump and not waste your vote on a third party candidate.

    But if the polls are even close to right, a significant part of the electorate are so attached to their free government cheese that they are not too fussed by a few megadeaths.

    Steve in Greensboro

  2. Can't recall where I read it today, but someone said he read a Top Secret document, most of the stuff being Secret, but one TS part was about how long it would take to get the President out of the bathroom/other places to get nuclear authorization, and he was ASTOUNDED that Hilary gave a time in the debate.

  3.  the stein clip where she talks about hillary being worse on war and nuclear weapons than trump

  4. If the Bernies go to Trump in any numbers, along with good representation from blacks and Hispanics as well as Reagan Democrats, we can win this thing.

    1. Don't hold your breath. They are truly blinded to reality.

  5. Maybe we should elect Hillary and let her start WWIII. It might be the next best thing to SMOD. It may kill us all, but we won't have to fight these jerks anymore who want to run and ruin our lives. - Elric

  6. How reassuring! So the fix is in; Hillary gets elected.

    Then, in the next few short months before she's institutionalized forever due to her illnesses, we get a Global nuclear war, and a National civil war.

    And here I though my old age would be boring!