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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Remember this about Never Trump

Should Trump fail to win the presidency, I will blame him. Trump is the master of his own destiny who can overcome the media and voter qualms about his speaking style.

But win or lose, I shall remind the Never Trump crowd in the media of just who they are: Liberals in conservative clothing. Their actions cost them the right to complain about:

1. Any and all Supreme Court decisions -- past or present -- because they were willing to allow Hilary Clinton to appoint the justice who would tip the Court in favor of liberalism.

2. Any and all corruption in government at any level. By choosing to stand aside as the woman who sold foreign policy to the highest bidder, the Never Trump media gave its silent approval. I am sure this was the motivation for the Bush clan, which showed itself this year to be just as bad as advertised by liberals during the reigns of the two George Bushes.

3. Any and all illegal immigration. The National Review talked a good game about opposing it, but when push came to shove, what's a little rape and murder compared to Trump saying something impolite?

4. Any and all social justice nonsense. They refused to vote as they spoke. They are all Friends of Trigglypuff now. They need their safe space.

5. Any and all global warming or other junk science nonsense. They would not hold their nose and vote for Trump, but they were OK with standing beside ManBearPig. His poo ain't the only thing that stinks.

6. Any and all restrictions on free speech. Standing up for Citizens United rings false when you did nothing to stop its target from being elected president.

7. Any and all regulations by the EPA.

8. Any and all abuse by the IRS.

9. Any and all foreign wars. She voted for two and instigated a third one.

10. Any and all riots because Black Lives Matter and La Raza "protests" against Trump were aimed at helping her.

Somehow, I do not think this will hurt the Never Trump media. Guys like John Podhoretz (who gets $400,000 a year to run a 33,000-circulation monthly magazine) rely on Sugar Daddy donors. The Sugar Daddies are all behind her. Once she is in, the Sugar Daddies will not care what Podhoretz writes or says on MSNBC.

But conservatives need not allow these fakes -- these frauds -- these phonies -- to sell us out like this unpunished. Let us not accept any more lies or alibis from the cowards, regardless of the election's outcome. Vote as you shot, they said after the Civil War. These guys voted for the Confederates.


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  2. When I heard the words and saw the actions of a bunch of "so called" conservatives at CPAC in March, I was like, Peace Out, SUCKAHS. As Lindsey Buckingham once sang...Never Goin Back Again...

  3. How do bad words stack up against bad deeds to national security? I say infinitesimally.

  4. Trump response

  5. "Better put some ice on that."-Bill Clinton..

  6. Forget Bill Clinton's egregious behavior (legal and otherwise) for a moment. Apparently Hillary Clinton can out-swear and out-vulgar Donald Trump without breaking a sweat...and has!

    Hillary Clinton's Vulgar Mouth
    This is from a post in a forum at GOPUSA. Read it, then ask yourself if you want this kind of a woman as your leader. Feel free to copy this and spread it far and wide.

    1. Just did- thank you, Kitty.
      Copy and paste... she is the who**
      of Babylon IMHO...

  7. Any "conservative" who has children in a public school has no ground of moral virtue to stand on in criticizing Trump. They send their kids to be indoctrinated by liberals every day and sit quietly while their kids are regaled with the virtues of homosexuality and are taught the finer points of things such as putting on condoms and anal sex.
    Now they are upset about an alpha male being a bit randy.

  8. All that stuff up there. Yes, all of it.

    1. (Good range days work wonders...just sayin.)

  9. I unfriended you months ago on Facebook because I got tired of you retweeting every alt-right piece of bullshit about Ted Cruz' father assassinating JFK.

    When Trump loses--and it will be WHEN, not "if"--it will be because he is a pathetic egotistical asshole narcissist who doesn't know what he is doing. You couldn't pay me to shake hands with the motherfucker, not if you gave me all six billion of his supposed fortune. (Yeah, I used that word to describe him. It's accurate in the metaphorical sense. Deal with it.)

    The reason he got the nomination was not because he's some sort of exciting new messiah who outsmarted the press. He got it because the press carried him along (because they knew he was just about the only person who would lose to Hillary), because much of that "GOPe" you Trumpniks go on and on about had the spine of a jellyfish, and because conservatives like you and Limbaugh and Hannity and Governor Palin (and pseudo-conservative show-offs like Ann Coulter) all betrayed your purported principles and boosted him so you could get on the bandwagon and sit with the cool kids in the lunchroom. You were so busy being part of the cult that you either failed to notice or chose to ignore the fact that the "true conservative" you were cheerleading for is a liberal elitist with the self-discipline and eloquent mode of expression of a sixth-grade bully, the morals of Bill Clinton, and a pile of personal baggage the size of one of his buildings. I've seen you argue the pro-life position forcefully and eloquently, and I admired you for that--but you're carrying water for a guy that thinks Planned Parenthood does "good work"?

    Those of us who opposed him--and oppose him to this day--are not "closet liberals." If you actually think that, you are hopelessly misinformed; if you're just saying it because, like your Dear Leader, your default mode of persuasion is taunting, you're just as pathetic as he is. No, we opposed your hero because we could see he wasn't a conservative, we could see wasn't fit for the job, and we were concerned (rightly) that he was going to throw the election to Hillary. (Another motherfucker you couldn't pay me to shake hands with either, not for all the ill-gotten gains in the Clinton Foundation's treasury.)

    You either chose extremely poorly, or you got played, but either way, Hillary should invite you to the inaugural ball out of gratitude for your contribution to her campaign.