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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Poll: FBI may cost Hillary one-third of her vote

The ABC News tracking poll uncovered the depth of Friday afternoon's re-opening of the criminal investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton's email.

The poll asked of registered voters in its daily poll on Friday and Saturday:
The FBI has announced that it is reviewing additional e-mails in connection with its investigation of Clinton’s handling of classified information while she was secretary of state. Clinton said she did not mishandle classified information. Does this issue make you (more) likely to vote for Clinton, (less) likely to vote for Clinton, or does it make no difference in your vote.
The results: Less likely: 34 percent. More likely: 2 percent.

Now I disagree with Zero Hedge about the ABC News tracking poll being rigged. It's wrong, but not rigged. Going from a 12-point win for Hillary to a 1-point edge in six days shows an incompetence not seen in government or the media since Hillary decided to conduct government business on a private server away from prying FOIA requests. But the fact that polls attract more Democratic voters than Republicans reflects the Democratic plurality. This is why Republicans should nominate someone who can attract Democratic voters.

This is only one poll, but the Investor's Business Daily poll reported: "Overall, the poll narrowed on Saturday by two points from the day before, suggesting some Clinton supporters are having second thoughts following FBI Director James Comey's stunning decision late Friday to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a homebrew email server while secretary of state."

The Los Angeles Times tracking poll has it Trump 46, Hillary 4.1.

We are eight days out. The race is close. One-third of the electorate is suddenly less likely to vote for the incumbent party's candidate.

Trump has not had a better or bigger opportunity than he has now.

He either closes the deal, or Hillary wins.

I voted on Thursday. Republican each and every one.

Why would I vote Democratic when the only Democrat with the integrity to blow the whistle once and for all on this scam is the guy who sexted a 15-year-old girl?


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  1. Replies
    1. Who the hell are the 2% "more likely"?

      The felons in Federal prison who voted illegally. They want her to win. They don't want her to go on trial and be sentenced to serve a prison term as a cellmate of theirs. They have STANDARDS.

    2. You lay flowers where they are.

  2. I think the sale's closed. He closed it when he refused to give up.

    People in this country like that.

  3. You know how they have those poetry reading evenings?

    I'd like a Clinton email reading, to be broadcast on all networks.

    I'd suggest Clint Eastwood as the reader, but you may have some other choice.

    1. I think part of Hillary's prison sentence should be for her to read all of them to us 1,000 times. And in order for the MSM to keep its FCC license they should be made to air it in full with no commercials as a public service.

  4. It seems to me that a lot of the things Trump had said about corruption and the system are coming true. He gets the big picture and people are starting to trust him to do the right thing. They do not trust the insiders on either side to fix the system. I think he has made the sale for a lot of people, including me, that he is truly the only option.

  5. The complicity of the media is ever more apparent to the "low info voters".

    1. Not to my sister, unfortunately. She worked all her life for the Federal government. She's fully indoctrinated. None of what's going on makes any difference to her.

  6. Do you think this scenario was orchestrated by obama so biden could step in as the "hero" to save the democrat party from hillary and the country from Trump?

    1. Yeah, that fantasy will work. In some other place.

      No - I do not think they are going to parachute Biden in and have him on the ballot of all 50 states and then turn all of those absentee ballots and early ballots from Hillary to Biden. I mean - seriously?

      -Mikey NTH

    2. They did it in a US Senate race in NJ with the support of the court.

    3. Constitutional problem with that- Joe
      "feeler' Biden has to go through some
      hoops. Different thing here.
      Also you'd have Fauxahontas,Kaine, etc.
      wanting the ring.
      Get a bowl of hot, buttered, popcorn..

  7. What this means is that Romney's 47% was really 36%.

  8. Excellent point by Clarice Feldman about Clinton demanding the FBI release all the emails:

    "The truth is Huma was on the plane with Hillary -- all she had to do is (a) ask her what was in that material on her home computer and (b) tell her to release it publicly -- she doesn’t need the FBI to do it."

  9. Are the 1/3 that are less likely already Trump voters? In which case, no change.

    Why not poll undecideds and Hillary supporters and see how many are actually swayed by this.