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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Official Conservatism™

A reader left a comment about a blog I was not aware of, called the Z Blog. The post was "Friends and Enemies," which pointed out that Trump has shown the conservatives in the media for what they are:


From the Z Man:
For a long time, the Cloud People have told the Dirt People that the great divide in America is between Liberals, who want to expand government and create a socialist utopia, and Conservatives that wish to restore limited government and a constitutional republic. The Bush administration put the lie to the latter and the mobilization of Wall Street behind someone’s wife in order to block Trump puts the lie to the former. Old school Progressive like Bernie Sanders are now outsiders on the Left.
In fact, among the Cloud People there is no divide. They unanimously agree that class solidarity comes before everything else.
Now the Cloud People/Dirt People refers to Episode 76 of Star Trek, in which the miners of zenite are ruled by the people who live in the cloud city of Stratos. Zenite emits an undetected gas which makes the miners more subservient, while running their health. The Disruptors rebel against Stratos. After the usual melodrama which accompanies an episode of Star Trek, Kirk works out a deal in which The Federation trades gas masks for zenite, and everyone is treated equal.

Z Man came up with Official Conservatism™ to describe this.

I offer as an example a piece by Jonah Goldberg in National Review on August 8, 2015:
Rudeness is Not a Conservative Principle
So now The Donald is in hot water for making a crude menstrual insult. This is as good a time as any to make a simple point, one I make to young conservative activists all the time. Just because being rude or crude is un-PC that is not, in itself, a defense of being rude or crude. You would think social conservatives in particular wouldn’t lose sight of this. But many have, at least going by my email and twitter feed. In the debate, Trump defended his long record of piggish comments about women on the grounds that we don’t have time for political correctness. I agree with that. But surely we have time for a modicum of good manners? We are now in the crazy stage where people are shouting at me that I (or Charles Krauthammer, or George Will or Erick Erickson or Kevin Williamson) must be a liberal if I don’t support Trump. Never mind that the objective evidence leans overwhelmingly that support for Trump puts your conservative convictions in doubt. Are we really going to go down the insane path of saying that real conservatives must abandon good manners and respect for women to demonstrate their purity? Count me out of that nonsense.
Prissy, prissy, prissy.

OK, here's your ball. Go home.

Political Correctness is fed to us on the basis that it is rude to use certain words. OK, I don't use the word midget. But eventually "little people" will be banned. Why? Because the world is not built for height-challenged people, which makes short people feel inferior.

Trump's language is impolite. But so what? He fights. He pushes backs. He doesn't care if Rosie O'Donnell is butt-hurt over being called fat and ugly. She started it, he finished it.

And by the way, where was Goldberg when Kevin Williamson said Trump supporters whelp their children with all the wisdom of a stray dog? Has Goldberg apologized for calling Trump the bane of humanity? Did he decry crudeness when Editor Rich Lowry said on Megyn Kelly's show that Carly Fiorina cut Trump's balls off in a debate?

His crowd is taking the vapors but farting like a herd of cattle. National Review can rot in Stratos.

Getting back to Z Man, he quoted this passage from the Social Justice Warriors editorial at the Arizona Republic:
Trump responds to criticism with the petulance of verbal spit wads.
That’s beneath our national dignity.
Verbal spit wads? What a crude way of saying language. The cognitive dissonance of the Cloud People should sicken me, but I am made of sterner stuff.

Let's go over this: Protective tariffs are a conservative value. Every Republican president from Lincoln to Reagan used them.

America First is a conservative value. World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam were all brought to you by a Democratic president. Only until the first President Bush did all-out war become a conservative value. After going Oh-for-three in these adventures, how about we give the war machine back to Democrats? Let's stop pushing for wars in Libya, Syria, et cetera.

Balancing the budget is a conservative value.

Screening immigrants is a conservative value. Ellis Island did not let everyone in. You were screened. We sent back thousands each year.

But the protected class -- the Cloud People -- benefit from moving jobs overseas in the name of free trade, and they benefit from wars, and they benefit when government pumps into the economy trillions we don't have, and from illegal immigration.

Trump threatens all that. Thus Trump (and now his supporters) must die.

"The game is up now and the Dirt People are waking up to it," Z Man concluded.


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  1. Well, alls I can say is, you can't grow wheat, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, asparagus, carrots, beans, tasty tangerines, peanuts, or even kale (yuk) from a cloud. We hold this truth to be self-evident...

  2. Official Conservatism™

    That really says it, doesn't it?

  3. Official Conservatism is like Social Justice, which has nothing to do with justice but a whole lot to do with social.

  4. I checked out the Z blog. Looks pretty interesting. I will be following for a while. Check it out people.

  5. The Z Blog may be very good (I've read it for quite some time), but I've been remiss in telling you that the blog posts I most look forward to now are yours. That is yuuge considering I monitor over 300 blogs and news sites daily.

    You express yourself clearly and simply (in the best sense of the word), and make this reader sit back and say, "Wow, what a nice guy who just also happens to be very smart."

    I just bought your newest book and will be sure and leave a review.

  6. The Z Blog has been one of my favorite blogs for a couple of years now. He writes with a great deal of insight, profundity, and wit. Day after day after day. Amazing.

  7. Trump is not so much a conservative as a counter-revolutionary.

  8. The zman has filled the void that den Beste left when he stopped blogging many years ago. I've been reading him for months.

  9. Fully agree that the Z blog is daily reading. Don't miss it! Plenty of smart commenters there, too- just like here!

  10. "OK, I don't use the word midget. But eventually "little people" will be banned. Why? Because the world is not built for height-challenged people, which makes short people feel inferior."

    I usually agree with you, Don, but you got this one wrong. The reason we little people don't like the word "midget" is due to the many, many negative experiences we had with it as children.

    "Little people," on the other hand, goes directly to who we are: people just like everyone else who just happen to be shorter. In other words, the size thing is an adjective, a part of us like hair color or weight, not a noun that reduces us simply to our stature.

    Hope that made sense! :)

  11. Trump is a New Yorker. His behavior is totally normal and acceptable in New York. Americans understand this. We need a New Yorker to tell the Democrat Media Complex to shove it where the Sun don't shine.