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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Nigel Farage to coach Trump for next two debates

Trump is up against a tougher opponent than thought. Hillary went into the debate only having to prove she was healthy, and she did. Now Trump is going to prepare for the next two debates with the fellow who Made Britain Great Again with the Brexit.

From the Daily Mail:
Nigel Farage flew to the US last night to coach Donald Trump ahead of his next presidential debate with Hillary Clinton.
The former Ukip leader will give the Republican nominee tips on how to defeat Mrs Clinton ahead of their second meeting in eight days' time.
And Mr Farage – praised for his debating skills during the EU referendum campaign – will also offer help in the build-up to the final clash, which is on October 19.
Mr Farage has been brought in at the last minute after the first debate in New York earlier this week gave Democrat Mrs Clinton a boost in the polls. Republican advisers were said to have been frustrated by Mr Trump's performance and vowed to prepare him more rigorously.
Farage may be a good fit. He is a businessman who got into politics because he did not like the Eurocracy.

Trump will prep for this debate with the best Britain has to offer.

Make no mistake, this election remains a referendum on Trump. He needs to close the deal. Always be closing.

From the story:
Mr Trump's next debate will in St Louis, Missouri. US sources said he had not yet grasped that he needed to bring in voters who were not sold on his temperament, policy positions or readiness to be president.
Campaign advisers intend to drill him on answers, facts and counterattacks, and coach him on how to attack Mrs Clinton on issues even if he is not asked about them. But whether he is open to practicing meticulously is a major concern, according to the New York Times.
That's all nice. But what tripped him up this time was a fat beauty queen diva. The facts were all on his side in that one, but it was a loser issue.

He has a month left. He should have had the lead by now. Panicking won't get him there. Being fun and accessible will.


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  1. Hillary was probably I.V.ed with Red Bull for the
    last one she can't keep it up forever...

    1. It was her Electronic, robot PODIUM which did well, not her - that & all the coded messages.

      THAT is the problem which needs fixing, although Farage "can't hurt".

  2. First question of the second debate: "Mr Trump, what's with the pint of Best Bitter and the packet of crisps?"

  3. First a good piece by Dr Crowley on why The Donald did win on Monday. The money quote is, "Debates, however, are less about the nuances of policy and more about style, tone, well-timed zingers, and demonstrating the ability to think on one’s feet", as anyone who remembers 1960 can attest. As I'm sure Don remembers.

    Second, if Frumpty was doing that well, she wouldn't have pulled out of OH and CO. My wife and I have noticed how many trump signs have sprung up even in our little corner of OH. 2 months ago, the pollsters were spotting her 5 - 8 points; now it's 15 - 18 points.

    Finally, I think Trump needs to make people understand he really does want to do by the country that has done so well by him. He does that, he's got what he wants. I think Ailes' strategem of letting her just run her mouth worked better than most people think. While wiping up the floor with her may make people smile, the Second Law of Hillary, which say The more people see of her, the less they like her, says Ailes may have been right.

    But I agree having Mr Farage help can't hurt.

  4. Personally, it's better he didn't win the first debate. Bad mojo re: Romney! Stay the underdog; let Hillary and press continue to say how ahead they are and how she won, etc, but watch how they're acting... they are scared to death it's not working this time.

    Trump should win the LAST debate. To keep the interest high he'll likely do "ok" in the 2nd. It's a show, and Trump knows about TV and shows. He is not ignorant. I have faith he'll pull this whole thing off, leaving the MSM shellshocked and very very bitter.

    1. As I noted, a lot of us think he did what he needed to do Monday, but let's go with your idea.

      Very devious.

      I like it.

    2. He needs to win the next debate, the 2nd one, and do it decisively. People will be watching and the ratings will be reasonably high as the undecideds take a last good look at Trump. The 3rd debate is just for the audience's confirmation bias. Since I know I am not going to vote for HRC, I did not watch the first debate nor will I watch the remaining ones. All I'll say is Trump has to stop acting like a jerk. Still jerk >> crook + liar.

  5. Here is how I see it: Hillary Clinton was at her absolute best. She has nowhere to go but down. And while Trump didn't lose, sessions with Nigel will certainly help him close. We shall see!

  6. Foreigners should butt out of our election!