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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Michael Moore: Trump can win

Michael Moore remains confident that Donald Trump can win the presidency. He told "Meet the Press" on Sunday that he is not voting for Trump, but he is sure Trump can win.

Moore said of Democrats:
I don’t think people do trust the Democrats anymore. How else does a socialist win 22 states? I mean, in my state of Michigan, Bernie Sanders won. If Hillary Clinton and the Democrats had a tough time with him, that should have been the red flag to everybody that there is a mood out there where people are upset at the Democrats and the Republicans.
He said of Trump:
Across the Midwest, across the Rustbelt, I understand why a lot of people are angry. And they see Donald Trump as their human Molotov cocktail that they get to go into the voting booth on Nov 8. and throw him into our political system. I think they love the idea of blowing up the system.
Power to the People sucks now that Moore's a multi-millionaire.

The video:


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  1. An interesting article over at American Thinker mentions how the Israelis comemmorate Holocaust Memorial Day. How the siren announcing the start of the two minutes stationary silence does not cut off, but continues to wail during the entire two minutes. Thereby intertwining the mood of danger, and of forgetting, with the importance of remembrance.

    I just hope that everyone turning out to vote in a few weeks' time remembers that, unlike the Clintons, Trump hasn't screwed over anyone during a term of public office yet.

    I just hope that a siren is wailing in everyone's head each time they see Hillary Clinton's image between now and November.

  2. That was very interesting. I've loathed MM for a very long time (he sucked me in on his first "documentary" and it wasn't till much later that I discovered I'd been had.) Still, he's a very smart guy (as propagandists should be) and he sees that his side is going over the falls dead ahead.

    I hope everyone on his side ignores him, as I want to maximize the tears shed by the globalists. Shadenfreude is so sweet!

    I also hope that his clear vision gives him lots and lots of sleepless nights!

  3. I would caution against taking his words as a surrender. I still think he's catastrophizing to mobilize the troops. Or as another wise man said, "Don't get cocky, kid."

  4. The big fat pig sees Donald Trump as a human Molotov cocktail to burn it all down.

    I don't think your average Trump voter sees it that way.

    The slogan is, "Make America Great Again". People want things to work the way they used to. It's illustrative the big fat pig wants to destroy it.

  5. We see Trump as the Molotov Cocktail to burn the Dems and and many government agencies down.

  6. MM was correct in identifying the anger many feel in this country, and the total mistrust with which they view the MSM and both political parties. Then he swerved into hilarity when he discussed how he’s confounded by people’s mistrust of Hillary (starting 4:00): “What did she ever do to you?…Was she going to water your plants for you over the weekend while you were gone and didn’t?”