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Monday, October 17, 2016

Media called Reagan unfit to be commander-in-chief

The media in the 1980s portrayed Reagan as a man out-of-touch who lived in a fantasy world that mistook movies for reality.

If true, thank God he did.

For the man who was unfit to be commander-in-chief saved the world from the Soviet Union, nuclear proliferation, and cyber attacks.

The smart-ass diplomacy of Hillary and Obama hit the reset button with Russia, mocked the Cold War mentality, let North Korea and Iran go nuclear, and might as well have givenm Putin their passwords.

From the Guardian:
Ronald Reagan loved movies. One night in June 1983, he sat down at Camp David to watch WarGames. The film stars Matthew Broderick as a tech-wiz teenager who unwittingly hacks into the main computer at Norad, the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Thinking he has merely stumbled upon a new computer game, the hacker comes dangerously close to starting a third world war.
Zero Days review – a disturbing portrait of malware as the future of war    
Alex Gibney’s new documentary argues that cyber-attacks are the next big thing in war, offering not just the ability to spy, but to launch a complete offensive
Five days later, the president was in a meeting with the secretaries of state, defense and treasury, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and 16 senior members of Congress. They were there to discuss a new nuclear missile and the prospect of arms talks with the Russians. When Reagan began to give a detailed account of the plot of WarGames, eyes rolled.
Then the president turned to John Vessey, the chairman of the joint chiefs, and asked: “Could something like this really happen?”
One week later, General Vessey returned with a startling answer: “Mr President, the problem is much worse than you think.”
Thus begins Dark Territory, Fred Kaplan’s important new book about the history of cyberwar. “When Reagan asked Vessey if someone could really hack into the military’s computers,“ Kaplan writes, “it was far from the first time the question had been asked.”
It turned out that there was a good reason WarGames was so accurate: for their research the screenwriters had interviewed Willis Ware, who wrote a 1967 paper called Security and Privacy on Computer Systems and for years headed the computer science department at the RAND Corporation, an Air Force-funded think tank.
Reagan’s casual inquiry set off the first of many efforts by the intelligence establishment to figure out a way to bolster America’s defensive and offensive cyber capabilities. Each is described in extreme detail in Kaplan’s new book.
Of course, the question was not casual. Far from it. He knew what he was doing. He never underestimated the enemy, because he saw them as evil, not merely adversaries.

It is too bad that Bush 41 sold Reagan's policies out.

Too bad voters sold the country out in 2008.

Never Trump? There was a Never Reagan crowd as well.


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  1. Gotta love Leftard revisionists who constantly question whether Reagan made the "right decision". I'm here to say that no, he generally didn't make "THE right decision", in the sense of the optimal, best-of-all-possible-worlds decision. But he made A right decision; and only a fool or a Leftard tries to puff himself/herself up and second-guess the man on the ground from the safety of a quarter of a century later.

  2. Don you might want to read up on Fred Kaplan before promoting his book. Start here:

    1. "The Scariest Nominee of Our Time". I'd say that describes Hitlery perfectly. Over the weekend, I looked into my crystal ball for a post-election prognosis. In the first quarter of 2017 the stock market will repeat its collapse of 2008-2009. The economy has in an 8 or 9 year cycle of periodic collapses for some time now, so it's due for a massive correction, even if Obamanomics has ensured there'd never be a complete recovery from the events of 2008-2009. If you have an IRA or a 401k, be forewarned. I expect a major war to break out in the Middle East, perhaps involving nuclear weapons, round about next April or May. There will be a very aggressive move by China in the South China Sea by mid-year as the next president of the US gets bogged down in a political quagmire in DC. They did it to Bush XLIII in 2001. They'll try it again. The Soviet Union will take advantage of the collapse of American global interests to spread its influence throughout the Western Hemisphere. Meanwhile, under the pressure of massive immigration and sick economies, the EU will start to break apart by the 4th quarter of 2017 and various alliances with the US will shatter. These are the BEST post-election outcomes I saw in my crystal ball. Cash will be king in 2017.

  3. So many of the things they are saying about Trump they said about Reagan in 1980. Also, many Republicans were against Reagan altho' not as many as are against Trump. It just show how much more corrupt the Republican Party has become over the years. If Bush 41 had not betrayed Reagan's legacy and had gone negative against Clinton (the first of many RINO candidates to "take the high road") he would have won another term.

    1. Exactly. It drives the NeverTrumpers nuts because they'd like to appropriate him, but we've seen too much evidence how he fought them.