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Friday, October 14, 2016

Let's vote Republican down ballot, too

Who am I to tell grown-ups what to do? I think we can all agree that with the exception of a few congressmen and senators, Republicans have held steady in their support of their nominee. Why punish them or ourselves?

West Virginia finally elected a Republican Legislature in 2014, breaking 82 years of Democratic Party control.

No way I risk that.

I am not going to hurt myself by voting Democrat just to send some weird message to Paul Ryan. My congressman is Alex Mooney. He was Cruz's campaign manager in West Virginia, but that's because he shares Cuban heritage on his mother's side. I am cool with that. He is not sabotaging the Trump campaign in our state.

In fact, Democrats are running as Trump Democrats.

I live in West Virginia. I will vote straight-ticket Republican. I don't have any principle except wining and doing the best for my state, and more importantly, me.

If you live in Ryan's district, vote for someone else. Ditto Chaffetz of Utah. They are saboteurs.

But the rest of the Republican slate usually is innocent of the high crime of treason. Punish the traitors, not your self interest.

Oh yeah, and please read "Trump the Press." It's available as a paperback, and on Kindle.


  1. I'm really struggling with that right now. I guess if it looks like he's got a shot at winning, we should give him something better to work with than a bunch of evil Democrats.

  2. All Three levels of Government need remedial instruction on the Constitution and their duties to it. Otherwise, run them all out of town on a rail after a good treatment of tar and feathers.

  3. For the first time in like 30 years, I'll punch a D button next month in the Berkeley County Sherriff's race. The R just beat a drug charge and the whole thing smells to high heaven. But otherwise, it's Rs up and down the block. I know this may sound, I dunno, partyist or something, but...Republicans are just better people than Democrats. That's been my experience.

  4. Er, no. I'll vote for Trump, but down-ballot it will be third party, independent, or no one at all.

    The GOP congressman who represents my district had the nerve to send me a campaign flier that asked me to support him to "stop Hillary" on illegal immigrantion when he in fact voted for Obama's illegal amnesty. He also claims to oppose Obamacare although he voted to fully fund it. The state and county GOP officials are just as bad - spending like drunken sailors while claiming to be fiscal conservatives.

    I have my fill of Demopublicans and Republicrats.

  5. One of the reasons I like Don's style of writing is that, unlike so many of what passes for journalists these days, he knows his ABC.


    Joy to read, really is.

  6. I do not hold grudges except against those that give me a reason. For instance: at the RNC I think Reince Preibus has done a good job staying out of the fights and keeping the RNC (officially so far as I could tell) neutral during the primaries, active at quashing funny-business during the convention, and supportive of the nominee during the general. State parties have been all over the place.

    Just direct your ire where it needs to go, not at those who have not earned it.

    -Mikey NTH

  7. Ditto.

    My guy is a weasel, but I'd like to give Donald Trump as good a shot at turning this country around as possible.

    And, yeah, 55 out of 325 R Senators, governors, and Congressmen makes Don's argument sensible.

    I know we have to clear out the Whigs, but primarying them seems better.

  8. One other to add to your throw list is John McInsane. I'd be willing to sacrifice ONE seat in the Senate to be rid of that Traitorous scum bag.

  9. The zman wrote a good post on the state of our Republicans. Many of them need to be primaried. Too bad the guys running against Ryan and McRINO didn't win. Both of them need to be replaced by real conservatives.

  10. And this is why nothing ever changes. My ballot will have a mark for Trump and nothing else.

  11. I would vote for a Democrat instead of a Republican if I could see the merit in the candidate. from the democrats I've seen down-ballot, there aren't any. - Elric

  12. Missouri has a Republican Gubernatorial candidate who I think is this year's Todd Akin. i.e., primary financed by the Dems as a straw candidate, came out of nowhere, ran the most useless campaign and won handily. The Dem candidate actually sounds sane with a straight A+ rating from the NRA. But he's a Dem, and as tempted as I was to vote for a positive candidate, the problem is you can't elect a candidate and not get their party. So I held my nose and voted for the straw man, not so much to support the Party of Stupid, but to absolutely oppose the Party of Evil. If the D wins, I won't be too upset since Missouri's legislature is almost as red as Texas'.

    So I voted straight R. Yes the Republicans have big problems at the national level. But the state level is growing and provides opportunities to primary the bad ones in the future...if we can keep the Dems from Making America Mexico Again or a western colony of the Middle East.

  13. You realize that straight-ticket voting was eliminated in West Virginia by the Republican-controlled Legislature in 2015. Obviously you can punch each R box but no more one-and-done and everyone is covered method.