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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

In line for nearly 12 hours to meet Trump

Loveland, Colorado, October 4, 2016.


  1. Keep workin on that next book, Big D! You are a Seer Of Truth. We need ya right now, brother. To those whom much has been given, much is expected. Do it for my much anticipated grandkids' future!

  2. There's a looney on another comment board, hardcore NeverTrumper, that says Trump is losing in CO.


  3. According to the HuffPo Pollster:

    Clinton 43.1, Trump 39.8, so that leaves us NeverTrumpers at 17.1 - just kidding about the 17.1 because that number will grow.

    Real Clear Politics shows Clinton at 44.3 and Trump at 40.8. For now both accumulators are running close together, so are all pollsters full of you-know-what or is it just the headcounters at individual events?

  4. By Gad, Don, gad believes the PuffHo! I pity da fool.

    1. Sam - I really didn't write that much in depth to tax you intellect. Carefully re-read the post which says that the HuffPo poll average tracker and the RCP polls average have about the same numbers. So then I asked if we need to throw out the polls or disregard the Trump rally counts.

  5. FiveThirtyEight shows Hillary ahead in Colorado but the problem in that great white state may be the failure of Trump to attract enough white folks to make up for reduced minority voters. Whites vote Republican is projected as only 13 percent higher. To get the same number of votes as Romney, Trump will have to attract another 10% of the whites over this last month of the campaign. Buck up, that is no hill for a climber!

  6. FiveThirtyEight gave Trump about a 5% chance of winning the nomination last year.

  7. Democrats / communists are very good at many things. Lying. Stealing votes and elections. and cherry picking data, or just making up numbers (see Lying).