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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

If it were nothing, why did Clinton dump him?

The media tried to downplay James O'Keefe's blockbuster that connected Hillary Clinton's campaign to the fascist threat of violence that shut down a Trump rally in Chicago in mid-March.

But DEMOCRATIC Chicagoland Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's husband has left the Clinton campaign in light of O'Keefe's expose.

The husband was not directly on Hillary's payroll, which allowed the secretary to disavow any knowledge of his action should he or any member of his team get caught.

From CNN:
A Democratic operative whose organization was helping Hillary Clinton's campaign announced Tuesday that he would be "stepping back" from the campaign after an edited video suggested that he and other staffers hired people to attend Donald Trump's campaign rallies and incite violence.
Robert Creamer -- husband of Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky -- announced his resignation in a statement after conservative activist James O'Keefe released a video under his organization Project Veritas Action, which showed Creamer and other operatives purportedly discussing methods for inciting violence at rallies for the Republican nominee.

CNN edits all its taped stories. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

The CNN story is weird in that it does not quote what Creamer told O'Keefe, instead saying, "In the past, O'Keefe and his Project Veritas Action have been criticized for strategically editing footage to create false accusations about people or groups."Instead of quoting what Creamer told O'Keefe, CNN pretended it was a big ado about nothing.

Even though a congressional spouse had to quit the Clinton campaign over it.

CNN also failed to mention that Creamer is a convicted felon who as executive director of the Illinois Public Action Fund ran a check-kiting operation which resulted in a 16-count indictment for bank fraud on March 11, 2004. He bilked banks out of $2.3 million. Somehow he served only a few months in prison.

Do not try this at home.

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune explained this at sentencing ten years ago:
Creamer's judge was U.S. District Court Judge James Moran, the former Democratic state legislator from Evanston. Moran's son-in-law is Democratic political consultant Peter Giangreco, who has worked politics with Creamer and Schakowsky and had a seat on the board of one of Creamer's many organizations.  
Judge Moran says he thought about recusing himself from the trial, but the defense and the prosecution didn't ask him to leave. So he stayed.  A federal judge with a conflict of interest as glaring as that shouldn't wait to be asked. He should have walked away on his own. But he didn't.
This week, Moran gave Creamer five months in prison, which means he'll do about four months and change. And another year of home confinement, which in Creamer's case is a five-bedroom home in Evanston, said to be worth seven figures.
Democrats are above the law.

One more thing the mainstream media won't tell you that Zero Hedge did: "Someone within the White House should probably explain why the vote-rigging, convicted felon, Robert Creamer visited the White House over 200 times during the Obama administration, including 45 visits with the President himself."


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  1. If a day ever comes where the Get Out Of Jail Free card slips from the Democrat side of politics' grasp, the thinning of their ranks is going to make the Black Death look like a piker. After all, it took off only one-third of the population of Europe.

    And the thing about a compliant media is, even parrots manage to fall foul of a dictator once she considers herself untouchable.

  2. Why is he gone when everyone is spinning about how these tapes are nothing? People got hurt and people can sue, and the rules of Employer/Employee liability would be brought in.

    -Mikey NTH

  3. " The editors of World and Jeff Jacoby must think God was pretty flawed in “voting” for King David. King David did much worse than privately boast about women allowing him to grope them. He had a man killed so that his adultery with the man’s wife would not be exposed. And while God was angry at, and punished, the king, God still maintained David as king and gave him a central role in Jewish history. If God shouldn’t be ashamed for supporting King David, Christians shouldn’t be ashamed for supporting Donald Trump, given the far more corrupt and destructive alternative. I had the same thought. Leave it to Dennis Prager to write this in NR. Probably the only one there who has read the Bible. Not related to this but still relevant.

  4. Trash talking the Weimar Republic is liable to give a lotta folks a "Hey, wait-a-minute..." moment these days.

  5. Is he related to Paula Creamer? Cause that chick is hot. I would forgive him all his many sins if he could get me a night with Paula. There'd be balls bouncin all over the place. Hahaha. JK.

  6. Chicago pols are corrupt? Color me unsurprised.

  7. I read that he visited the White House 340 times. And 45 personal visits with the President? That should be pretty damning evidence that Obama approves of political violence. And he works for Hillary and the DNC? The existence of those FEMA camps is becoming a concern. But I'm not worried. I'm sure he was only there for tea and scones. - Elric