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Thursday, October 20, 2016

If Hillary wins, expect more thugs on the Supreme Court

Justice Soto Sotomayor is another reason you should vote for Trump. She made injudicious remark that is disturbing for its violent tone.

From the New York Daily News:
Sonia Sotomayor said her fellow Supreme Court justice's comments sometimes left her wanting to dispense rough justice with sporting equipment.
“There are things he’s said on the bench where if I had a baseball bat, I might have used it,” the Bronx-born judge said of her late colleague Antonin Scalia on Monday.
Scalia was a longtime leader of the Court’s conservative wing, often on the opposite side of Sotomayor on issues such as gay marriage and affirmative action after she was appointed by President Obama in 2009.
Obama appointed someone who fantasizes about beating a nearly 80-year-old man?

Hillary will do worse.

But hey, Never Trump because of principle, man.


  1. If Nevertrump gets their way I plan on being neverrepublican from here on out.

  2. What did you expect from a "wise Latina" born in the Bronx? She fits Obama's SCOTUS bill perfectly - arrogant, holier than thou, and willing to use violence to further her ends. - Elric

  3. A couple of things to ponder. Peter Abelard is the author of the idea that people should not be judged by the results of their actions, but by their motivations. This is a touchstone of modern liberalism which allows for the creation of destructive policies of which we are all familiar, in the words of C.S. Lewis, "...with the approval of their own conscience."
    In On Revolution Hannah Aren't: Hence, the search for motives, the demand that everybody display in public his innermost motivation, since it actually demands the impossible, transforms all actors into hypocrites; the moment the display of motives begins, hypocrisy begins to poison all human is, unfortunately in the essence of these things that every effort to make goodness manifest in public ends with the appearance of crime and criminality on the public scene.
    The context of the above is her analysis of Robespierre's descent into the use of terror to cleanse and presrve the Revolution, but as you can see it applies equally well to many situations. It is the method of the SJW.
    Arendt doesn't make the connection to Abelard for the obvious reason that despite her criticism of this technique of establishing totalitarianism, she was a modern liberal herself and had imbibed at the well of no-fault social and economic policy.
    The point is that these errors are what our political system and the media that covers it is currently built upon.
    I think the way to break this down is for one side or the other to reject this methodology in every aspect and level of operation. The problem we have right now is that the Republican Establishment has adopted this and it is the basis of the opposition to Trump.
    We've met the enemy and it is us.

    1. Arendt. Damn autocorrect.

  4. This SCOTUS theme just reminded me of the 2000 election. I had an elderly Jewish couple in my office one of whom needed some medical tests done. When told this they both became visibly upset and concerned about how soon they could be done because they were in a big rush to get to their winter home. The wife made the comment that the Constitution was at stake. I later came to the conclusion that they had already voted absentee and were planning to vote again in another state. It was pretty clear that they had no regard for Al Gore, but they were going to get all the votes they could in to save the right to kill babies.
    I wish "muh principles" Republicans were so principled.

  5. Sonia's heart is in the right place, but upside down and backwards, plus hard as a stone. Lefties are as progressive as cancer.

  6. No big surprise.

    President Pissy wasn't looking for great legal minds. He was looking for Lefties.