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Saturday, October 15, 2016

I support Bill Belichick

As a Browns fan, I am supposed to hate Bill Belichick not just because every non-Patriot fan hates him but because he was a failed Browns coach. But after what he did yesterday, I cannot.

From CBS:
Patriots head coach Bill Belichick started his press conference on Friday with a message of support for the Boston Police Department and two of its officers who were critically wounded in a shootout Wednesday night.
“Before we get into Cincinnati, on behalf of the team, I just want to express our appreciation and support for the Boston Police Department,” Belichick said. “I can’t imagine, but I can imagine the amount of stress that department has to deal with and their challenges every day, and the difficulty of the situation they’ve been put in.”
He aided, “We appreciate them, we appreciate what they do for us, and how they protect us,” he said. “We’re there for them.”

This should not be news. Everyone should support the police.

That millions don't saddens me.


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  1. Have any Patriots knelt during the national anthem? So far all I see is some who raised their fist in the abhorrent 1970's "Black Power" salute, but after the anthem was over.

  2. I once saw a clip of him evaluating a player in training camp. He said, without an ounce of anger, If you can't do this drill properly you're not going to make this football team. Simple, matter of fact. Belichick is a damn good coach.

  3. Cops in big cities work in a war zone. Chicago had 500 homicides last year. So far this year, due to the Ferguson effect, Chicago has had 599 homicides, mostly black. Someone is shot every two hours in a city with some of the most restrictive gun laws. Black Lives Matter. Yeah. Pull my finger. Until they protest their people killing each other their movement is BS!