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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Email of the day

Apparently Vox doesn't think much of Scholars & Writers for Trump. So, we've got that going for us.

Christopher Buskirk
American Greatness


  1. Writer Mark Steyn has been doing a revisit of his "America Alone" book ten years on, and comments that eight years of Obama have made the book's title problematical.

    He further stated: "The first Western European nation to collapse into total civic breakdown over its fundamentally contradictory bicultural tensions will, I hope, concentrate the minds of others. The best sign that you're about to go over the waterfall is if the canoe 200 yards ahead suddenly disappears. That gives you a chance at least to pull for shore."

  2. Vox: A Voice In The Wilderness of Leftism (i.e., likely NYC). Can't find any clues there, V-boys; gotta drive slowly thru every state not on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Thar be clues in them parts.