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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Chertoff endorsement shows the fix was in on Whitewater

Whitewater "prosecutor" Michael Chertoff's endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president shows the fix has been in for the Clintons for a quarter-century. Just as James Comey used immunity to make sure Clinton cannot be prosecuted for her server crimes, so Chertoff failed to indict the Clinton's for an illegal loan. This in a country where you can indict a ham sandwich (ask Tom De Lay, the late Ted Stevens, and the Duke lacrosse team).

Now we know why.

From Bloomberg:
Twenty years ago, Michael Chertoff was near the top of the Clintons’ enemy list. He was the lead Republican counsel on the Senate Whitewater Committee, one of the first of many congressional investigations into Hillary Clinton.
Clinton later cast the only vote in the Senate against him when he was nominated in 2001 to head the Justice Department’s criminal division. She was also the lone no vote against Chertoff in 2003, when he was nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the third circuit.   
All of this, though, was before the Republican Party nominated Donald Trump as its presidential candidate. This has shaken the party of Reagan. Chertoff, a lifelong Republican, will now be voting for the Democrat in November.
The Party of Reagan died when George Herbert Walker took office. The people who followed were Ford's people, Dick Cheney and the like.

They talked a good game, but for some reason they never got around to shrinking government. In fact, they added the woefully unnecessary Department of Homeland Security, which poses a bigger threat to our freedom than the EPA does.

By the way, did making the VA a Cabinet post make it better?

Chickens are coming home to roost this election. I would love to rid the government of these loathsome creatures.


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  1. Another "why we can't trust the GOP" reason.

  2. There were always Rs who loved to reach across the aisle to their friends in the Democrat party.

  3. Take heart that the Uniparty is being Weed-B-Gon'd as we watch. Hence, the reason for the Bush clan showing their watermark nearly everywhere you look.

  4. edutcher, note there are never any dems willing to reach across the aisle.

    1. Except to pull a Repub over to their side.

  5. Well, as the good people of Minnesota (including my bro and sis in law) showed last weekend at the Ryder Cup...give your opponents some shit. Don't make nice with them. Result? We win, 17-11. Danny Willett's brother called us fat, stupid, greedy, classless bastards. Sounded like a Harry Reid line. You can't work with these people. You just kick their asses.