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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Adolfa laughs

From this week's debate: Hillary laughs at throwing gays off roofs in Saudi Arabia.


  1. Trump is more tolerant.

    That needs to be pushed.

  2. Who knows, if the National Enquirer is right about her (and boy did that story die a quick death), she could meet that fate when she makes her next trip to Saudi to pick up a steamer trunk full of small, unmarked bills from The Prince.

  3. Imagine the movie Apollo 13, where every time they tried to get the spacecraft back on course, or the CO2 scrubber working, or the angle of reentry corrected, some clown grabbed the controls and sent the darn thing to hell-and-gone again. And that the ground-based media cheered the lunatic on.

    That's what this election campaign feels like.

  4. Hillary knows who butters her bread. - Elric