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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ABC: Clinton's lead drops 4 points in a single day

Remember that huge double-digit lead of 12 points that  ABC News said Hillary Clinton had on Tuesday?

Forget about it.

The network news division headed by Clinton campaign spokesman George Stephanopoulos (he never stopped cheerleading) says the lead dropped four points overnight.

ABC's triple-the-margin-of-error lead for the wife of Stephanopoulos's boss contradicted the virtual tie shown in polls by Rasmussen, Investors Business Daily, and the Los Angeles Times.

On Tuesday, ABC reported:
Voter preferences in the latest tracking poll, based on a four-day survey through Sunday night, remain the same as in a three-day result reported Sunday: 50 percent support Clinton, and 38 percent Trump, with 5 percent for Gary Johnson and 2 percent for Jill Stein.
Clinton's 12-point margin over Trump holds at 53 to 41 percent in a two-way match-up, indicating that Johnson and Stein aren't drawing disproportionately from either of the two major-party candidates.
Other results also hold in a Clinton-Trump pairing, including for the important element of turnout. Republicans are less likely now than earlier in the campaign to indicate that they intend to vote.
Clinton leads by 19 points in turnout among women, while she and Trump are virtually tied among men, reflecting worse results for Trump among all but his core supporters, white men who lack a college degree.
It's over. Don't bother voting. The people with college degrees have spoken. They are smarter than Trump supporters.

Today, nothing.

No news story. Just a line at real Clear Politics: Clinton 51, Trump 43. She lost two points overnight. He gained two.

In four-way polling, it is Clinton 49, Trump 40. She lost one, he lost two.

In one day.

But Trump supporters do not understand. This is science because it has numbers and has a margin of error. You need a college degree in womyn's studies to understand.


Of course, the press is always right, which is why I wrote "Trump the Press," a fun romp through the Republican nomination that uses the deadliest weapon to skewer the media experts: their own words. "Trump the Press" is available as a paperback, and on Kindle.


  1. The only thing that's over is business as usual for failure theater Republicans.

  2. "You need a college degree in womyn's studies to understand." That is a GRRRRRRRREAT line!

  3. I am sure Wolf Blitzer will repeat the story every 5 minutes during his act today.

  4. They have till the 4th to get both means within the MOE.

    Deniable culpability. Everyone wins. Fuzzy makes great suspense and sells copy. Golf Clap.

    'Merkle's Boner' theorem; 1908. Go Cubs.

  5. So the polls aren't rigged after all?

    1. I already explained this

    2. Thanks for clarifying. I do agree, they are not rigged. Have always thought that. Too bad Donald and your readers don't agree with you.

  6. Hmmm... It seems that Florida started their early voting and the lines are long - and filled with people wearing red hats that say "Make America Great Again." Could that be a sign? - Elric

  7. Impossible shifts in the polls are exactly why you shouldn't even pay attention to the polls. All they do is mess with your blood pressure. I now think that the only people who should care about polls are the people running the campaigns. All the rest of us need to do is go vote. All else is noise and nonsense.

  8. Drudge says the "Two Deplorables" running for president are tied in the polls. However, way down near the bottom of the lead article at Drudge, which is about Trump's claim that Clinton's foreign policy for the Middle East will lead to WW III, the Reuters writer has to add the gratuitous comment that Trump is badly behind in the polls. Well we know which candidate Reuters wants to win and which side they are trying to discourage from voting.