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Monday, October 17, 2016

3,000 miles. Five Hillary signs

With Hillary up 50 points in the polls (according to the media) Stephen Hiltner of the New York Times took a little trip from Portland, Oregon, to Hudson, Ohio, which south of Cleveland, a travel of 2,500 miles or so. His mission was yard signs.

He found five Hillary signs. One for every six hundred miles.

Hiltner wrote:
Some stood alongside heavily trafficked highways, big enough to read a quarter-mile away.
Others occupied quiet corners on dusty county roads.
But an overwhelming majority had one thing in common: They heralded the name TRUMP.
Over the course of eight days, while traveling some 3,000 miles by motorcycle across the northern United States, I was steadily confronted by presidential yard signs.
I idly recorded those in support of Donald J. Trump until, after the first few days, the number approached 100. I eventually lost count.
Those in support of Hillary Clinton were comparatively easy to keep track of: I traveled nearly 2,500 miles before I saw a single one.
By the end of my trip, I’d spotted a whopping five.
Yard signs mean something. Sometimes support. Sometimes not. But coupled with the tens of thousand attending his rallies and the few hundred attending hers, this may show vox populi.

What caught my eye (a reader sent me the link) was the dateline -- Hudson, Ohio. This is a historic village founded when the northern quarter of Ohio was a territory of Connecticut, its western reserve. This gives the area a slight touch of New England. This is why Cleveland has a public square. Indeed, this is why it has its name as it was surveyed by a Connecticut man named Moses Cleaveland, who was one of the original members of the Corps of Engineers in the Continental Army.

Hudson was the original home of Western Reserve University. It is an upscale town that would fit in New England. The median family is $128,727. This is not a place I associate with Mr. Trump although its roots to the Republican Party pre-date the party itself, as it was a way station in the Underground Railroad.

The media will not inform the public of the enthusiasm and breadth of Trump's support. They rely on polls. But there is a longing in America to be great again. True, America is great for people in DC and Manhattan, and Hollywood. But elsewhere?

Trump, Trump, Trump.


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  1. Maybe after Trump is inaugurated the Hillary-shills and mainstream media (but I repeat myself) will have an attack of good conscience at their shameful bias and misreporting and commit mass suicide...NAH! - Elric

  2. This is interesting, even though it's anecdotal. But yeah, I most definitely think the Trump people have MUCH higher levels of passion and commitment, while Hillary's folks seem almost ashamed of her. Hell, I'd be...

  3. I am in Southern Maine, The Trump signs to the hag's signs are about 5 to 1. In some places, 10 to 1.

    All of the hag signs are at public areas. None are at private residences.

    Bumper stickers, Trump has a significant advantage, probably 100 to 1. Maybe more. I have counted a total of 6 Hillary stickers since the start of August.

    1. That's a GREAT point. Yard signs can be stolen fairly easily, but bumper stickers...not so much.

    2. Same around my little corner of NE OH, and this is a big union area.

  4. I've seen Hillary stickers, but no yard signs. Both, though, for Trump. Big cities, probably not safe for Trump stickers. Dems don't cope well with opposition.

    1. Seen quite a few in Cleveland, including a big banner in a predominately black area.

  5. Fun fact:

    Hudson OH is also the home of John Brown (of Harpers Ferry fame) and his family.

  6. Gosh, with the Harpy so far out in front, I guess instead of voting her supporters can stay home and burn a fatty, like a normal day.

    Steve in Greensboro

  7. i've been saying the same thing for months. i work all states in the southeast and drive 5-6 days a week. over the past 5 months, i have FINALLY seen my first Clinton yard sign, bumper sticker, poster or billboard. in St. Augustine FL, in front of a couple high-end beach houses. period! THERE IS NO CLINTON COLLATERAL ANYWHERE IN THE SOUTHEAST! It is saturated with Trump-ware. where are these polls coming from. Whenever I have my Trump hat on, I usually get at least one black or latino guy (or girl) who will slowly maneuver in to say they like the hat and support Trump. Kind of a funny dynamic, which only supports my theory that when it comes time to pull the lever, alot of folks who would never be publicly linked to Trump will vote for him as they know what we are up against with a clinton in the white house.

  8. Would be downright SHAME if the Leftist media's reporting calumnies caused Clinton supporters to not bother to turn out on Election Day, and hence left her desperate-and-dateless later that evening. After all, Loser Leftard Laziness (from the song of the same name) was what got the Limey's Brexit vote over the Leave Line.

  9. I live in a liberal fever swamp. I've seen at least 8, I think. Compared to hundreds of Obama signs in the last two elections.

  10. Didn't read the article to see his route ... but ... looking at the by-county map here,_2012#/media/File:2012_Presidential_Election_by_County.svg you see that blue is concentrated in cities and coasts - so I think its very likely you could go coast-to-coast and see very few Hillary signs. Nevertheless, I believe the excitement/enthusiasm/importance gap is real.

  11. I saw my first Hillary/Kaine sign in south Texas the other day, in a tiny town 10 miles south of Goliad (near Corpus Christ). That same day I saw maybe 50 to 60 Trump/Pence signs of all shapes, varieties, and even some homemade. Very heavy concentration of Trump signs, in and around Corpus Christi.