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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Yelp reviews of bomber's restaurant

The parents of New York City bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami own a restaurant was a trouble spot in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In the aftermath of the explosion, there was an explosion of Yelp reviews of his family's business, largely by people making jokes. The problem is not a joke.

The restaurant -- First American Fried Chicken -- is the first floor of the family home in Elizabeth and has been a neighborhood nuisance for years, Mayor J. Christian Bollwage told the New York Times:
Neighbors, including Dean McDermott, who lives on the corner of Linden and Elmora Avenues and works as a news videographer, said the restaurant drew rowdy crowds past midnight.
Often Mr. McDermott found patrons loitering in his yard and urinating in his driveway, and he called the police. Others did, too.
Responding to the complaints, the City Council passed an ordinance that would force the restaurant to close at 10 pm, the mayor said.
“The City Council voted to shut it down at 10,” Mr. Bollwage said. “They kept getting complaints from neighbors; it was a distress to people in the neighborhood.”
The Rahamis did not comply, Mr. McDermott said, and he continued calling the police when they stayed open late.
Once, he said, one of Ahmad’s older brothers got in a fight with an officer who came to shut down the restaurant. Before the case could be resolved, Mr. McDermott said, the son fled to his home country, Afghanistan.
The family is suing the city for "Islamophobia."

But many people outside Elizabeth don't know that, and are making jokes about the place, which I found entertaining.

Yelp is cleaning the reviews up, but here are some of the early post-bombing reviews:
Ate here last week. It was a blast
I hear, besides chicken, they also make clocks here.
Tried to order some chicken but they told me they used all the pots and pans to make the IED's they placed around town this weekend.
Their chicken is heavenly, totally worth the threat of being blown to pieces! I'll take 72 virgins and a bucket of wings please!
I decided I wanted authentic terrorist dinner and what better place than here? The "Beheading Salad" was a little dry and needed a little kick. So I tried the "Infidel Nachos" which were sprinkled with the blood of non-believers. Not really all that good but tasted great with a side of ISIS cola. For my entree I originally ordered the "Suicide Bomber Sandwich" but they were out of pressure cookers so I just had the "Straight Outta Kabul" hamburger with their signature "Murder Sauce". It was ok. Left me feeling anxious and frightened. Oddly enough when we left the staff were all putting on vests with wires and timers. I thought it might have been a post dinner dance routine but decided to leave when they mentioned my head coming off.
Tried this place over the weekend on recommendation of a colleague. It is your standard family owned short order snack shop. The chicken is just ok. Maybe if they stopped using the pressure cooker and pan fried the chicken it might taste better. Great selection of Halal foods though.
This fried chicken is the bomb.
This guy tried too hard:
This is a family-owned establishment, taking pride in making the best chicken in the tri-state area! They use their own custom-made pressure cookers, which looked unusual to me, because of all of the wires attached, but I assure you, they produce delicious chicken, detonating a blast of flavor with every bite!
Feel free to dine in, or order delivery. They deliver as far away as Chelsea, Seaside Park, and the Verrazano Bridge, and their whole family will come along for the ride to make sure the delivery gets to you hot and fresh! They also cater large parties and events. The larger the crowd, the better!
UPDATE: Ordered delivery. Delivery guy dropped a smoking backpack on the ground and ran away. Will not order again.


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  1. Shows that Americans have a sense of humor, even when its black humor, or should I say dark, or not light? Someone's gonna call me RAAAAACIST, now. dang. Better quit before I get behinder, or even more behinder.

  2. The best comment I read said "their food gave me explosive diarrhea".

  3. How do you run a restaurant in a FAMILY home? Either the description of the building is wrong or else the zoning laws in Elizabeth are different from what I'm used to. I've never lived in any place where a commercial restaurant business was permitted in a neighborhood of single family dwellings. This either was a mixed use area or else the family was openly violating the local zoning regulations and nothing was done to shut them down.

    1. I was finally able to open the NYT page at the link. From the picture there, it appears this was a mixed use area.