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Friday, September 23, 2016

Trump party loyalty

Donald Trump is dividing the party.

The Democratic Party, that is.

Yesterday, I posted on the Robert Kennedy loyalist who is for Trump.

Now former Manhattan borough president and big league Democrat Andrew Stein is on board.

In a column in the Wall Street Journal, Stein said Trump will fix the economy:
Given my level of discomfort with the current leftist orientation of the Democratic Party, I am now supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump for president. I urge my fellow Democrats to vote for Mr. Trump. I have known him since the early 1970s and have seen his deep concern for people, and how effective he has been while working on behalf of the average citizen.
Donald Trump is no racist. On the contrary, he offers the best hope for rebuilding our inner cities and creating better education and jobs for those trapped in poverty and lacking hope. When a hurricane devastated Puerto Rico in 1984, I asked Mr. Trump to provide a 727 airliner to bring critical supplies to the island. He did so and without publicity. I asked him to rebuild the Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park because the city couldn’t complete it in 10 years. Mr. Trump did it in under six months and under budget.
While he has made some controversial and provocative statements, I strongly believe he will bring needed change and vitality to our nation and shake up our political system, which is in a state of crisis. He is for strong pro-growth policies like reducing the marginal and corporate tax rates and eliminating thousands of job-killing and business-stifling regulations, the biggest of which is ObamaCare.
Mr. Trump is also for rebuilding the military, which has been decimated by Obama’s dangerous cuts and sequestration. He is a strong supporter of Israel and will not abandon our allies in the Mideast and around the world. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he will not allow tens of thousands of immigrants who cannot be vetted properly to come to the U.S.
Bravo, Mister Stein.

When Trump clinched the nomination, I said Trump had broken the Republican Party. Now he is breaking the Democratic Party. Neither party -- on a national level -- deserves to live. Once he is done with them on November 8, both parties can reinvent themselves, hopefully not as the arrogant and corrupt organizations they became.


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  1. Realignment.

    Long overdue.

    Zell Miller as John The Baptist.

    1. Isn't he the guy who challenged leg-thrill dude to a duel on TV? Haven't heard that name in ages. By the way, a thrill in medicine is a physical sign you never want to feel. It's what you feel when there is tremendous turbulence in an artery, as in a dissecting aneurysm. Bad sign, as certainly it turned out to be.

  2. How about a political party that combines the best of the GOP and the remaining loyal Americans in the Democrat Party? Say, the Patriot party? - Elric

    1. Very possible. A name change would matter, as many people have developed such visceral hate towards the other party.

  3. Certainly the Dems will read him out of the party! Traitor! UnCLEAN!!

  4. The only man in the country with the cash and sack to take on George Soros right now is Donald J. Trump. Elect this man and we'll have a UFC for the ages! Which will end in about 30 seconds with Soros tapping out...

  5. Hopefully the religious right has lost control of the GOP. There are way more important issues facing us than abortion.

    1. I don't think they EVER controlled the party.

    2. Define 'religious right." Are you disparaging any conservative who has ANY belief in religion? Or do you mean some particularly strong degree of religious belief, say in fundamentalism? Can you name any high elected official who is/was a fundamentalist and can demonstrate the tight grip such a group has on the GOP? Just wondering if your view has some justification or is an idle comment intended only to provoke a response......

  6. Isn't Ben Carson a fundamentalist? If not ,close to it.