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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Trump on race in 1998. Trump on race in 2016.

January 14, 1998. Jesse Jackson introduces Donald Trump to speak at a Rainbow-PUSH Coalition event.

September 3, 2016. Trump in Detroit.


  1. Clearly, Trump's a two-faced (he looks different in those two pictures above) RAAAAACIST.

  2. Even if he eats into the minority vote by a couple of percentage points he wins. That vote is more necessary to the Democrats than it is to him. He will force them to play to their own base once again, which will prevent them from conducting outreach, which they can only do by looking less radical. Here's the conundrum for them: do they go a bit more radical, racial and sex diversity crazy to defend their turf, or do they ignore what Trump is doing in the hope that he is unable to make a dent in the armor so that they don't lose any more of the white working class than they already have? My bet is on the latter. They cannot afford to respond in like. Hillary doesn't have the political capital to do the same. Try getting her to go make a plea for evangelical votes at Liberty University. Can't be done. Trump is the ecumenical figure in this election. It is driving both the nevertrumpers and the Democrats absolutely bonkers. Can you imagine them sitting in the bunker waiting to hear from Steiner? I can.

    1. Where is The Donald's response to Hillary's alt right speech? Right here. Probably planned before it, but demonstrating that he's a step ahead, both of her and her entire team. His response is to remain on offense. Note that he did not waste one moment trying to defend himself, which was the object of that speech. Trump needs to realize that getting him into a defensive position will be the entire tenor of the rigged left wing debates that are upcoming. His trainers should concentrate on him NOT responding to the questions of the moderators, but gleaning a subject from the questions and making Hillary the object of discussion within the context of that subject. I realize that this is what people always try to do, but he must learn to master it. Maybe it's time to bring in David Stockman.

    2. tpd, usually the first Hitler referencer loses, but you have WON with the Downfall parody reference! I salute you.

  3. An endorsement by race hustler Jesse Jackson is pretty damn faint praise.

  4. An endorsement by race hustler Jesse Jackson is pretty damn faint praise.