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Monday, September 19, 2016

Trump the Latino vote

Remember how Trump's call to build a wall and deport illegal aliens was supposed to cost Republicans the Latino (Hispanic) vote for the next 10,000 years?

Hold the funeral.

According to the exit polls, Romney got 27 percent of the Latino (Hispanic) vote in 2012. For Republicans, that was down from 31 percent in 2008 and 44 percent in 2004.

Obama got 71 percent in 2008.

But the polls show Trump is beating that 27/71 split among Latino (Hispanic) voters.

The Los Angeles Times Poll has it 33/53.

The CBS/You Gov Poll of 13 battleground states has it 33/55. Those states are Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Those polls are what they tell the public.

The internal polls are much, much worse. We know this is the case with the black vote because Barack Obama has hit the trail to coral the black vote. I suspect by November 8 our jackass president will use the epithets "Uncle Tom" and "House Negro."

As for the Latino (Hispanic) vote, we have this from the Washington Post:
Lagging support among Hispanic voters for Hillary Clinton and congressional candidates in crucial races has stoked deep concern that the party and the presidential campaign are doing too little to galvanize a key constituency.
While Clinton holds a significant lead over Trump in every poll of Hispanic voters, less clear is whether these voters will turn out in numbers that Democrats are counting on to win. Clinton trails President Obama’s 2012 performance in several Latino-rich states including Florida, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona. In those same states, where Democrats’ goal of retaking the Senate hinge, some down-ballot Democrats remain unknown to many Hispanic voters.
That reality has prompted a flurry of criticism of Clinton’s and the party’s Hispanic strategies. Despite a uniquely favorable environment with Republican Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on undocumented immigrants, Democrats are increasingly worried that the opportunity is slipping away to meet a longstanding party goal of marshaling the nation’s growing Hispanic population into a permanent electoral force. The concerns are compounded by Trump’s recent surge in several battleground states.
Latino (Hispanic) voters dislike Hillary for the same reason everyone else does.

She is a weak, nagging, lying bitch.

If she were a man, Bernie Sanders would be the nominee.

The idea that Latino (Hispanic) voters all support illegal immigration is an unacceptable stereotype minted by power-hungry liberals who seek to splinter America. I am glad that Trump challenged that orthodoxy.

The best way to hold any demographic group is to provide security and a growing economy. We haven't had that in twenty years.


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  1. 33%?

    That, and 20% black support, sounds better and better.

    And it's almost 2 months until the election.

  2. The one thing the DNC/Progressives will never understand is that "El Patron" and "El Hefe" is antithetical to their entire trademarked snake oil product line.

  3. Illegal aliens target legal Hispanics for crime. Legal and native born Hispanics HATE the criminal ones (which is all of them who enter the country illegally), drive down their wages, take up their school and education budgets, rape and abuse them, and cause mayhem in their communities. Whoever came up with the theme that all Hispanics love illegals is lying. The criminals, low wage employers, and whoever makes money off of them likes the open borders.

  4. Anyone who went through the legal process to be in the US and paid all the fees necessary to become citizens has to resent the illegals who get the "free" ride including things like in state tuition which might not be available to legal residents. All at the taxpayers' expense.

  5. All the democrats have to offer is more of the same old lame policies and handouts. Trump is offering more job security by decreasing the population of illegals competing for jobs hand in hand with the prospect of higher wages as a result. - Elric

  6. If hillary continues to lose support of some traditional democrat constituencies, ie., blacks, hispanics, labor, the dems will be looking to torricelli her. I know the dems supposedly picked bernie in case illness prevents hillary from continuing, I believe they just said that to pander to bernie supporters who won't support hillary. They will be looking for a way to get the nomination to biden. They view him as their "white knight" and have been keeping him under wraps so he won't appear too stupid. As hillary opens her mouth lies spew forth, as biden opens his mouth and idiocy spews forth!

  7. So you mean that the Republicans don't have to invite the entire world to relocate here in order to get >1% of the Latino vote? This will be big news to the RNC. BTW I am really liking Reince Prebius and his chewing out of those spoiled brats Kasich, Cruz, and Bush for boycotting Trump and the republican convention. There already is a party for these guys if they don't want to get with the program and listen to the people -- the Democrats.

  8. Going to come as an awful shock to the Democrats' cartoon character view of their "captured demographics" when Trump-voting Latinos and blacks demonstrate abundantly that they are just as damm good at working out what's been ailing America these past few decades.

    And if any of them want that steel-capped brogue buffed before they sink it into Hillary's butt come November, I'm prepared to offer a free service.

  9. "The idea that Latino (Hispanic) voters all support illegal immigration is an unacceptable stereotype" - very true. Two of my best friends are latinos and they know the ugliness of the illegal population in this country and want it gone/stopped as much as anyone else. Legal latinos desire jobs, raises and safe communities like we all do and see the illegal hords as a threat and disgrace.

    1. I'm pretty sure that virtually every Caucasian who's a loyal visitor to this blog is opposed to the illegal immigration of Caucasians into the US, so why wouldn't the Hispanics who either were born here or else came to the US legally and later became naturalized be equally opposed to the illegal immigration of Hispanics? Is there something in the Hispanic heritage or character that would make them any less offended by lawbreakers than is true for Caucasians? If I were Hispanic, I would be offended by any stereotype that portrayed me so unfavorably as being easily tolerant of lawbreaking.