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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trump gets 20% of black vote, 31% of Hispanic vote

The Los Angeles Times poll showed Trump has a six-point lead over Hillary today after a tie on Monday. Her 9-11 collapse is not the reason. Trump's enjoyed a surge in black support.

The poll showed Trump has nineteen percent of the black vote, and thirty-one percent among Latinos. Among white people the support is fifty-five percent. Both the Latino and white support are in the mid range of his support.

But African-American support for Trump shot up this week from five percent to nineteen.

[NOTE: After I posted this on Thursday, black support in the poll reached twenty percent by Sunday.]

This is not a one-off. The Rasmussen Poll showed Trump support is at twenty-three percent among black people, forty-three among white people, and fifty-three among others.

Both polls may be outliers, but they could show that Washington wisdom about Trump turning off black and Hispanic voters is plain wrong. At worse, Trump is doing as poorly among non-white groups as Mitt Romney. For example, Reuters has Trump's black vote at nine percent, Hispanic thirty-five.

At best, Trump's America First and Law-and-Order messages resonate among decent people who live in crime-ridden neighborhoods, be they black, white, or brown. As he says, what the hell do you have to lose?

My contention is pandering is a mistake. Just as white people reject Democrat-lite, so do people of other racial backgrounds. Trump has offered an alternative to the Democratic Party's pandering, and it looks as if that may gain traction.

But what do I know? I am a white person living in a small rural white town of 1,200 nice people and me.

I do know that betting against Washington wisdom is the safest way to play this. We shall see what will transpire on Election Day.


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  1. Local Black Pastor in my little town is an
    ardent Trump supporter...
    He believes that Blacks have to wake up to the
    fact that the Dem plantation is just another
    Love that the Dam' Dem Dam is about to break..

    1. Thanks for the earbug, TG. Now I got the "Dambusters" theme running in my head!

      Given her disastrous performance and her tendency to hit the pavement, maybe Hillary is cameoing as the "bouncing bomb".

    2. Yep, 617 squadron that whole story is amazing.
      Hillary is more like the "Bat bombs" that were experimented with in WW2- small explosives were attached to bats in an experiment to see if bats were useful in attacking enemy installations.
      None thought about the homing instinct
      of the bats. They blew up barracks, water
      towers and generally mad a mess of the very base that was the center of the
      experiment. Just like Hillary is making
      a mess of the Dem party, she's blowing up the base and wreaking havoc .
      No one wants to get out the net.


    4. YouTube is my friend; I don't remember the theme. Seen the movie twice.

  2. Like speaks to like. Ain't no melanin in the human brain.

    Trump is the Thinking American's candidate.

    Clinton is the Unthinking American's candidate.

    So, like the sign says, "Think!"

  3. Maybe at his inauguration ceremony Trump can give the we're all Nazis now speech.

    1. If liberal democracy was going to avoid populism, it should have done a better job of making populism less necessary.

  4. I always thought that "Washington wisdom" was a contradiction of terms, except for George.

  5. Blacks have done horribly under Prez Hussein. Black unemployment is at record levels. They did far better under Reagan and both Bushes.

    1. The figurehead doesn't have a head for figures, it seems.

  6. Those are killer numbers. And the Demos must be terrified.


  7. 1,200 nice people and me." LOL You're slaying me, Don.