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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Today's press idiocy

From the Los Angeles Times:
Going against the grain after Orlando shooting, LGBT group embraces guns
How does this go against the grain? You were shot at. You get a gun. It goes against human survival instincts to do otherwise.

Morons cannot help but be stupid. But people with college degrees?

What would go against the grain would be to turn Muslim after another one of those Muslim terrorists gunned down 49 gay people.

From the story:
It’s a stark contrast to how the overwhelming majority of LGBT activists and organizations responded to the Orlando massacre, which has sparked calls within the community for gun control.
In the wake of the shooting, some gay bars like the Abbey in West Hollywood beefed up security. The same day as the Orlando mass shooting, L.A.’s annual gay pride parade was rattled after a heavily armed man en route to the event was arrested. 
For all the anxiety Orlando has caused, many gay activists say becoming armed is not the answer.
“Some people say you need a gun to protect yourself from the bad guys. We just fundamentally disagree with that,” said Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality California. “We don’t want to live in a world where you have to be packing heat to live your daily life.”
But for a small subset of the community, Orlando has become a call to arms.
Maybe the "gay community" is really just a bunch of social justice warriors -- community organizers, if you will -- who want to keep no-straights in line and voting Democrat,

From the story:
The Pink Pistols has received a mostly negative response from the broader LGBT community, she said. Some LGBT centers, she said, have even specifically banned the Pink Pistols from using their facilities.
The group dates to 2000 when gay author and journalist Jonathan Rauch wrote an article for calling for gay people to “set up Pink Pistols task forces,” get licensed to carry guns and arm themselves to protect their community.”
“Not all that many gay people would need to carry guns, as long as gay-bashers couldn’t tell which ones did,” Rauch wrote.
Rauch told The Times he wrote the article at a time when the brutal murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard was still fresh in the public consciousness. It woke people up, he said, to what gay people had known all along: “that we were targets of day-to-day terrorism.”
Self-reliance is a no-no to social justice warriors. When something bad happens, you must turn to the government to protect you.


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  1. They make the assumption all LGBT are Lefties and natural victims.

    They ought to hit the Gay Patriot website.

  2. Here's something that puzzles me to no end: Scott Adams (who has mock endorsed Hillary while sort of cheering on Trump while saying that he really doesn't support anyone) praising the GOP for now becoming a "pro gay" party.

    Well, gosh. I hope that the GOP isn't a pro-gay party.

    Isn't there a difference between 1) decrying mass human tragedy and acknowledging that people have a right to socialize in peace and even to defend themselves if threatened and 2) approving of their behavior as natural and wholesome?

    It seems to me that between the poles of Rainbow Warriorism and Westboro Baptist Church-ism, there should be this YUUUUGE middle ground.

    But the Scott Adamses of this world and others who are far worse than Scott Adams don't acknowledge it.

  3. Of course, gays would be safer if a substantial minority were carrying. Of course. As Heinlein said wisely, “an armed society is a polite society.”

    As Orwell wrote “One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool.”

    And by the way Matthew Shepard is to homophobia as Michael Brown (St. Michael of Ferguson) is to police violence. Matthew Shepard was engaged not just in butt-piracy, but also in drug dealing and the latter is what got him killed. If you care, you might pick up “The Book of Matt” by Stephen Jimenez ($2 used on Amazon).

    Of course, the reality in the Shepard case, like that in the case of Brown, etc. ad nauseam got lost in the “narrative” extruded by the legacy media.

    At this point in history, I think we can all agree that whatever we see on network television news, cable television news or read in the newspapers should be viewed with the same profound skepticism that inmates of the former Soviet Union viewed Pravda.

    Steve in Greensboro

  4. Correct. It has been acknowledged under the radar that Matthew Shepard was killed by a bi-sexual drug dealer.

  5. Correct. It has been acknowledged under the radar that Matthew Shepard was killed by a bi-sexual drug dealer.

  6. Another reason for gay men to dig Charlton Heston, I guess.

  7. Gay people who go to knife fights were told by The Big 0 to be properly armed.

  8. Will they hire people to protect them, or do it for themselves. Ah, the lying, idiotic media.