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Friday, September 09, 2016

The feeling is mutual, Clinton

She's tanking in the polls. She barely draws flies at her rallies. She's likely to be indicted next year for obstruction of justice, RICO, and maybe even treason. She old, sick, and hacks like Bill the Cat. Into this mess, Bill the Impeached President wades, and he is frustrated, and he is angry, and he is impotent.

Bill the Cat.

So Bill the Perjurer takes it out on West Virginia, a state wrecked by 82 years of Democratic Party control of the Statehouse. We finally fumigated the place in the last election.

From the Daily Caller:
Speaking in Homewood, PA on Friday, Bill Clinton criticized the “coal people” in West Virginia for supporting Donald Trump.
“We all know how [Hillary’s] opponent has done well down in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky,” the former president told the crowd at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum. “The coal people don’t like any of us [Democrats] anymore.”
He called us ingrates and implied we are lazy. But the truth is we finally caught on.

After decades of being the second-poorest state in the union, West Virginians finally dumped the Democratic Party.

Nothing personal but -- yes, it is personal. I drive by the closed chemical plants in Nitro every day. Nothing is left but a few antique stores, and fast-food joints over by the Interstate Exit.

Bill the Rapist is a crook who pardoned billionaire international fugitive from justice (as liberals called him before the pardon) Marc Rich, who sold Iranian oil during the embargo. He bought the aluminum plant in Ravenswood, West Virginia, and turned it into poo.

All those roads Byrd "built" were bones thrown to a state whose ambitious young people used them to leave. We were the first state hit by the wave of abuse of OxyContin -- the pharmaceutical industry's entry into the illicit drug business. How do poor people afford drugs? Food stamps, Medicaid, and other government assistance, that's how.

Clinton and liberalism are a drag on the ticket and not just in West Virginia. Ted Strickland just pulled his ads for the Senate in Ohio. Two months from Election Day, he knows it is hopeless. Obama fundamentally transformed the Democratic Party, doing for his party what Obamacare did for hospitalization insurance.

And Hillary is more of the same, only in an unlikable, old, sick, and openly corrupt way.

(Email me and I will tell you how I really feel -- LOL.)

The Clintons should do the country a favor and migrate to Pedophile Island when this is officially over. I am sure they won't extradite.


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  1. The fact that over 40% will vote for her says something about the state of the nation.

  2. When Willie talks about coal people, he's not just talking WV and KY, he's talking PA and OH.

    I've always said Morris was his political brain and without him, Willie was nothing.

    More evidence.

  3. Boy, when I saw Bill dissing my newly adopted state, I was pretty close to jumping in my Mustang to drive down and throttle that shriveled neck. Bill, you sick twisted pervert, go ahead and eff all the 14 year old Russian babes you want, but don't mess with West Virginia. Do you hear me, you POS?

  4. The Ruling Class, GOPe and Dems, feel nothing for Americans but the utmost contempt.

    The Dems rightly feel contempt for their voters because Dem voters are fools and parasites.

    The GOPe feel contempt because their voters do not agree with them, but vote for them faute de mieux.

    Steve in Greensboro

  5. Maybe OT, but Don, you may be onto this: That 0bama's only recourse to keep HRC out of the nick might be that other time-worn refuge of scoundrels:

    Safe Passage Out of the USA - One Way!

  6. If the room gets any smaller, someone's liable to hook it up to a septic tank.

  7. Great new idea for fairs, carnivals, etc.

    Coal roughly shaped into convenient, baseball size and shape. Give an effigy of Bill Clinton the ol' bean ball. You know you wanna. Two for a buck.

    "Bonk one off the skull of the Bonker-in-Chief!"

    1. Dave, you never fail to come through in the clutch!

  8. Great post.
    I can't wait to read what you have to "say" in the morning when you see what Hillary just called us -- well, 1/2 of Trump's supporters, at least -- "basket of deplorables" and "irredeemable" And, of course, we're all racist, Islamaphobic, and "whatever"
    This is way worse than Romney's 47% comment (which I still think the MSM reported "out of context' -- he wasn't saying he didn't *care* about the 47% he was saying they weren't going to vote for him). This is even worse than Obama's "cling to their guns and religion" because unlike Obama, Hillary doesn't have enthusiasm on her side following 8 years of Bush fatigue to make the MSM's job of covering it up as easy as it was for them to do for Obama in 2008.

    ~Angie (Dancing Queen Les Deplorables)

  9. Let's get picky, and someone correct me if I'm wrong. Bill Clinton said WV coal did well under his administration. Yeah, because the previous administration got the first Clean Air Act passed, which pretty much wiped out the market for Illinois Basin coal and shifted it east to Central and Northern Appalachia. Taking credit for someone else's work -- it's what good politicians do.

  10. Hillary is going to lose big time and before the dust settles she and Bill will be ensconced somewhere that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the U.S. Maybe Switzerland, where they can live out their miserable lives spending all their ill-gotten pelf. - Elric

  11. Why should any coal state vote for her, or any Dem? She and Obama pledged to kill the business, and are doing so.