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Friday, September 30, 2016

NBC puzzled by drop in its NFL ratings

The headline at the NBC Sports online site read:
Why is TV viewership down?
The writer did not mention the national anthem until Paragraph Twelve of a fourteen-paragraph.

Writer Mike Florio wrote in that paragraph:
Some are suggesting that the anthem protests are causing fans to boycott the NFL, but it’s hard to see a connection between the objections to the behavior of a small group of players and the decision of significant numbers of fans to deprive themselves of something they enjoy. The NFL has made its position on the anthem clear, and the vast majority of players continue to stand at attention.
That came after suggesting these reasons:

  1. "The league’s failure to discipline more aggressively players who have engaged in off-field misconduct..."
  2. "A perception that the league reacts too heavy-handedly in other matters..."
  3. "...disdain by plenty of fans for Commissioner Roger Goodell."
  4. "The disconnect between the images televised across the country in high definition and the things seen by the naked eye in real time by seven officials interspersed with young, strong, large, fast men in armor remains a far bigger problem than the league office ever would admit." (Huh? I think Junior wanted to say the refs blowing calls.)
  5. "The ongoing desire to expand the NFL’s reach to other countries..."
  6. "....viewing habits have changed...."
  7. "...fantasy football..."
  8. "...the election..."
  9. "The quality of the early-season matchups..."
  10. "The concussion crisis..."

He grasped at straws until he finally even mentioned players disrespecting the national anthem.

I get it, free speech, right to protest, blah, blah, blah.

But protests work both ways. I enjoyed a terrible blowout of UConn by Houston last night rather than tune in the NFL. And I am not even boycotting the NFL. I simply am avoiding it until the Browns make the Super Bowl.

Comcast, through its wholly owned NBC subsidiary, has billions invested in the NFL. It is not about to allow one of its bloggers to come right out and say what is obvious, and further damage its investment.

But a commenter did:
I already told you why.
A recent market research study shows that viewership is down because Colin Kaepernick brought politics into a realm (sports) where millions of Americans flock to in order to escape, even if for a few hours, the real world which includes said politics.


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  1. Dang it Don, you must be younger than your picture if you are waiting until the Browns are in the Super bowl. Did you see Texas Tech's backup quarterback last night? Did he send a shiver up backs in West Virginia?

  2. I watched NO ballast weekend for the first time in years. I suffered no tremors, no withdrawal symptoms at all. I plan to protest again this weekend. I am protesting multi millionaires complaining about unfair treatment. Athletes at that level of skill have been treated like primma donnas their entire life.

  3. When Jim Brown was running roughshod over defenders, it was football. What the NFL broadcasts today is pretend football, not real football. On top of that, fans are supposed to endure political correctness and politics from players? Forget about it. I have laundry to do.

  4. Well, suits, you reap what you sow...

  5. Your average NFL fan is a working stiff who learned it at his father's (Vietnam vet) and grandfather's (WWII vet) knee.

    If he wasn't in the War on Terror, he probably knows somebody who was.

    They are not going to stand for this. Gate has been dropping for 5 years. Viewership was overdue. All it needed was something to get it moving.

  6. Patriots are letting NBC's balance sheet touch the ground? Oh, snap!

  7. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME Political Posturing?

    Doesn't have the same ring. And don't forget that ESPN and the commentators have also being going political or getting sacked for not towing the PC line.

  8. Yeah, screw the NFL. The bubble has burst.

    And it's not Kaepernick who pisses me off; it's all the craven coaches who are coming out in support of players "taking action."

    Coaches— coaches! — they're all bowing down to a radical, militant group founded on a lie that's promoting riots and cop-killing across the country.

    Sorry coaches, I'm not buying it. You want to back your players who support this crap, count me out.

  9. "I simply am avoiding it until the Browns make the Super Bowl."

    So forever then.

    As for ignoring the obvious as to why ratings have dropped, none are so blind as are those who refuse to see. I haven't watched a game since Koperdick's protest. Dear black players, STFU and play. Dear Goodell, quit virtue signalling. Dear coaches, tell your players to respect the fans who are paying them to play and the country they are playing in. There is no country where black people are treated better than America. Our poor blacks live better than 90% of the people on this planet.

  10. Haven't watched a single play. Femall.

  11. Haven't watched a single play. Femall.

  12. I heard NBC is going to hire former Target executives to help them figure out why viewership is down, and how to increase it again.

  13. I gave up tv and football several years ago. I talked to a rabid Cowboy fan yesterday who's done with the NFL.