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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Media smothers Hillary's chances

Dick Morris gave a review of Hillary's forum with Matt Lauer, and what Morris said about Hillary also applies to the media covering the race.

Perhaps that is because so many in the media take their orders from Team Clinton -- directly or indirectly.

From Dick Morris:
Hillary has set a low bar for Trump. She has called him dangerous, demagogic, sexist, extremist, wacky, loony, and everything else. All Trump has to do when he walks out on stage is to defy those stereotypes and he comes out ahead.
There are three precedents for presidential campaigns that were built around scaring people: Johnson’s warnings about Barry Goldwater and the bomb, Nixon’s attack on George McGovern’s extreme defense cuts, and Carter’s characterization of Reagan as a shoot-from-the-hip cowboy.
Neither Goldwater nor McGovern had televised debates in which to defend themselves and debunk the stereotype. But Reagan did and, after America met him, it was hard to find the danger that Carter spoke of so often.
Once we get past the name calling, Hillary has nothing left to throw at Donald. She squandered her convention without setting up issue contrasts with Trump, so confident was she that the name calling will stick.
Hillary is like someone trying to run up a down escalator. Each step — taken at great effort (and much coughing) — is countered by the inevitable, irreversible downward movement of the machine, powered in this case by her own blunders rather than by electricity.
This is the game the media plays. They drill Americans at every corner that Trump is racist, xenophobic, misogynist, and even anti-Semitic, although I never knew Hillary was Jewish.

This is hysteria. But it does not work. When people see Trump give the same speech about law-and-order at a black church that he just gave a white audience (which he did), they realize that he is not being racist, especially when the black audience gives him a standing ovation. You can still disagree with his policy, yes, but you no longer can say it is racist because it has a seal of approval from a legitimate authority on race.

Likewise, misogyny is in the eye of the beholder. His wife is gorgeous and apparently strong and smart. People see that and dismiss the charge of sexist.

Since May 3, when he sealed the deal with Republicans, the press has been nit-picking. Remember the Taco Bowl controversy on May 5 -- Cinco De Mayo? He tweeted about the taco bowl served at Trump Tower's grill being the best. And he added "I love Hispanics."

The media storm was a quick overkill.

Throw a few drops of blood in the water and watch the sharks go nuts.

The New York Times took this as some sort of Hispanic outreach, and quoted La Raza:
“We’re going back to the day when politicians thought all they had to do was eat a taco or wear a sombrero to win our vote,” said Janet Murguía, president of NCLR (also known as the National Council of La Raza), the nation’s largest Latino organization. “Really? This is 2016 and those days are long gone.”
ABC News fact-checked the tweet:
First: The taco bowl is an American creation. Secondly, Trump attempted to promote Trump Tower Grill...but the Grill doesn’t sell taco bowls. Presumably, he meant the Trump Tower Café which is selling the bowls, just for today.
Fox News found the Waldo in the puzzle:
The furor over Donald Trump declaring Thursday that he “loves Hispanics” while feasting on a taco bowl wasn’t enough to obscure a curious detail in his Twitter photo – a scantily-clad image of his ex-wife Marla Maples.
The photo, taken in 1985, shows Maples posing in Florida in a blue bikini after winning the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant.
The tweet was a Rorschach test. the media flunked. It flunked because it saw only negative things about Trump. By making a big deal out of nothing, the media came off as petty, humorless, and stupid. To a normal person, the tweet was about as racist as calling a team the Chicago White Sox. But to the media, it was racist, xenophobic, and yes, even misogynist.

If everything you see is racist, xenophobic, and misogynist, the problem is you.

The story of the boy who cried wolf comes to mind. The public has by and large tuned media critics out. On Wednesday night, in the Matt Lauer Forum, it should have dawned on some members of the press that Trump had worn them out this summer. They beat their puny arms against him over silly little things and the occasional actual screw-up by The Donald. The problem was not that Matt Lauer was too tough on Hillary and not tough enough on Trump; the problem is Hillary is far weaker than Trump.


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  1. "If everything you see is racist, xenophobic, and misogynist, the problem is you." - BINGO! That says it all. - Elric

  2. Morris was the real political genius in the Ozark Mafia, not Willie.

    When he parted company with them, you really can't name a smart move they've made.

  3. I've never been able to make up my mind about Dick Morris. Sometimes he seems a tad sleezy but then he says things that strike me as being quite insightful like that first paragraph of his that you quote ("Hillary has set...."). After alI, I guess he really does know his craft.

    When I first saw that picture of DJT eating his taco bowl, I noticed all the work stuff in the background and on his desk. Not that I'm a messy person myself, but I'd say it's quite significant he didn't consider it important to sweep his desk and office clean for that picture. What you see is what you get: those are the surroundings of a man who actually DOES things each and every day he goes to the office, who really WORKS for a living. If we had a look at Hillary's desk, I have no doubt it would be as neat and clean as a pin.

    1. The fact that Morris helped Slick Willie in the first place speaks volumes about him. As for Hillary, she never does any work on her own, so her desk would be immaculate. - Elric

    2. Had a boss once who told a "clean-desker" : "Ain't you got nothing to do 'cept tidy your desk?"

  4. Dick Morris is a weird guy, all right. But he certainly ain't dumb.

  5. Clinton's ticket to the White House, her Affirmative Action superpower from the Planet Medja, is being nixed by something.

    Kryptonite? Nope, Deplorium.

  6. By the time we get to the presidential debates, what has Hillary saved as ammunition that she can spring on Trump as a surprise? She's already called him every name in the book. People will have heard the name calling before, and given Trump's much greater experience appearing on TV, I expect he will be far more relaxed than she will and also will be more cognizant of how he comes across to the audience. So, what can she accuse him of that we haven't heard before? In desperation, will she pull the gender card: I'm a woman, he's man, so vote for me? If she does, I think there's no way she can avoid looking like Ms Swan from the old Mad TV comedy, "He looka like a man..."

    1. Hmm, so, come the debates, you don't think her cries of "Eeeew, boy cooties!" are going to quite cut it?

      Okay, how about "I've got no nuts, and I'm proud of it!"...?

    2. Can we now call her "NO Nuts" and Bill "Busted Nuts"?

  7. I don't know if La Raza is the largest "Latino organization", but it is a commie outfit and I see why Democrats and RINOs want the illegals.