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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Julian Krajewski, new journalist

So National Review and Weekly Standard writers who once followed me on Twitter have blocked me. C'est bien dommage, as my French teacher said. New champions of the truth emerge. He does not follow me yet, but I like this Julian Krajewski fellow.

He interviewed a few Muslims:
How did the Muslims I spoke with react?
“We are not dealing with a race here. We are dealing with an ideology. Muslims come from all colors and cultures. Therefore, it’s not a racist policy,” said Muhammad Amen, a vocal Muslim Trump supporter.
“Hernando Cortes, who conquered Mexico, brought civilization to a cannibalistic nation by bringing Christian Spanish culture. Now Aztec cannibalism and violence has returned to Mexico via the Cartels who chop people up and sell drugs,” said Khadra Abdirahman, a 23-year old Somali Muslim born in America.
“That’s how to win a war via ideology. Islamism is an ideology.”
Another common question posed: Won’t Muslims living in America feel singled out by Trump’s proposal to halt all Muslim immigration?
“If the majority of Muslim Americans are pro-American, patriotic and peaceful, they should agree because this is protecting their safety as well. If they’ll be violent the same way the illegals from Mexico act then they never came here with peaceful intentions,” she said.
“The intention isn’t bad. There is no choice but avoiding a group with a specific problem to contain that problem until it’s fixed. Not everyone in that group has the problem, but you have to thoroughly check everyone before you let them through,” said Maria Al-Masani, a Sufi Muslim and the co-founder of Yemen Rights Monitor.
Al-Masani has received death threats from Hezbollah, although not for her views on Trump’s Muslim ban. She believes that any measure that can increase U.S. security will lead to a reduction in the fear of Muslims, and in turn a reduction in discrimination. “Once Trump fixes security, Islamophobia will die down since people will have nothing to fear from Muslims once Trump shows radical Islamists their place.”
Julian Krajewski is 23.

He ended his column, which was punched with facts and figures from Pew Research:
I’ll leave you with something Abdirahman said. “If the West dropped Bibles instead of bombs, maybe we would win the war against terrorism.” She must be a self-hating racist.
The fellows who were his age when Reagan became president are in their late 50s now. The ones who were his age when Gingrich became Speaker are in their mid-40s. They grew older, compromised, and accepted liberal orthodoxy. Even as they wrote volumes raging against political correctness, they now are the enforcers. Hey, you cannot call illegal aliens criminals. Hey, you cannot call Muslim terrorists "terrorists." Hey, you cannot call a spade a spade. It's a working implement.

At 63, I am too young to give up. A new generation emerges. Its people wonder why bombs instead of Bibles? They ask not because they are peaceniks or Jesus freaks, but because they are challenging the orthodoxy. Instead of No Fly Zones, why not turn to the Good Book?

At any rate, conservatism lives, even as its old Young Turks atrophy because they will not risk the six-figure salary, or the corner office to tell the truth.


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  1. People come here for refuge. They realize that if the country becomes fundamentally changed, there is a strong possibility that it will no longer be a refuge, but more like the place they were trying to escape.

    1. I come here for the comedy. And it's gold. Thanks as always Quack. Oops. Just hurt your feelings. Sorry. I now await your smarmy reply followed by "Nonoyoass"

    2. Laughing so hard you can't think, as usual.
      Notice how the least little thing amuses him.
      Lives off of trying to boost his self esteem at the expense of others.

    3. Hillary's laid up, doc, and bored to boot, but it looks as though she can still twiddle her thumbs to text you.

      Looks like she's sinking fast, though. She's passed out before she could get that last 'u' and 'e' typed out.

      Couldn't you prescribe her something?

      Alternatively, here's a nickel, gal. Go get yourself a better education.

    4. A pickle jar full of levodopa and apomorphine should do it.

  2. Islamophobia (as a name/description) is bull. Concern, wariness, and a degree of distrust are warranted by actions of a few killers and attempting/would-be killers (i.e., experience).

  3. Twitter is something I don't do, but I thought people would just un-follow you, not block you.

    A follow up on that article. I like how he addresses people who condemned his analogy.

    1. Must've touched someone's nerve with this.
      I wonder who?

  5. "its old Young Turks atrophy because they will not risk the six-figure salary"

    That's it right there.

  6. It was the great David Bowie who once sang, Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes. Never forget the wisdom of Bowie. Things are changing. They always do. And if you can't roll with the changes (a little REO Speedwagon there for ya) then you'll get left behind. Hillary is just more of the same old same old. DJT is the change agent.