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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Hey Joe, where is that Must Democrats Scrap Clinton column?

Four weeks ago, on August 9, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC wrote in the Washington Post a column headlined, "The GOP must dump Trump."

He cited Trump's call to temporarily ban immigration from Muslim nations, David Duke endorsing him, complaining about how a judge handled his case, his feud with John McCain (who started it), his feud with immigration lawyer and Gold Star father Khizr Khan (who also started it), and "the constant revisionism and lying about past political positions taken are but a few of the lowlights that have punctuated Donald Trump’s chaotic chase for the presidency."

Now that the FBI in its holiday weekend document drop has shown that once again, in a scandal, Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies including the usual perjury and conspiracy charges, but now we may add selling state secrets, running a fake charity, and wire fraud.

Is Morning Joe going to do the right thing and call for Democrats to do the right thing and disassociate itself with this greedy, lying, unfit, immoral, and vapid woman, and replace her with someone who has better judgment, say Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan?

Or is the few bucks from multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos and his Washington Post worth more to Scarborough than a clear conscience?

Maybe doing the right thing is not as important to Scarborough as appeasing his Comcast bosses at MSNBC, who have given hundreds of thousands in legal bribes to Hillary.

In light of his trigger-happy call for Trump to step aside, unless Scarborough calls for her resignation as the Democratic nominee, any umbrage he may show over her latest in a 40-year string of scandals is just overheated, phony outrage from a fraud.

It's easy to dump on Trump in Washington. The whole city hates him because he is going to clean house come January 20, 2017.

Opposing Clinton can kill your career.  The big boys who don't want to face anti-trust suits (Bezos, Comcast, Google, Twitter) are too heavily invested in her to allow some jackass with a sparkling smile to bring her down.

But we shall see. I will give him a chance to call for her resignation before calling him a lout.

It is time for decent people to now call out these bag of winds who lectured us on principles over Trump. Well, it's either Trump or Clinton now, and if you do not support Trump then you support ever sleazy, greedy, sneaky, lying thing she has done in her corrupt adult life. And I will call them out.


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  1. I believe the democrats are beginning to realize that Hillary has placed them in a dilemma this election cycle: They are damned if they do and damned if they don't. - Elric

  2. It was much too good of you to warn Joe that you are b=about to call him a lout, and explain why, Don.

  3. Hillary may well be looking for the exits.

    If not her, then the FBI (the old pros, certainly) is trying hard to show her the door.

  4. Global warming can be your friend.

    Given the thinness of the ice Clinton's tapdancing on, I want to ask you all to go out and fire up a gas-guzzler today.

  5. "In light of his trigger-happy call for Trump to step aside"

    Ain't no use being the fastest gun in the East if you're also the world's worst shot.

  6. Scarborough is a bought and paid for as a $5 whore.

  7. How could anyone vote for Hillary? She has a trail of lies and deception. Black and White

  8. Many years ago when Scarborough first began to act like a far-left nut, I speculated whether it was something in the air at the NBC building where he works, or was Mika sleeping with Joe behind her husband's back the way female spies turn men into their willing dupes.

    Now we know.