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Thursday, September 29, 2016

InstaPundit suspends Twitter

Twitter suspended Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit fame over a sarcastic tweet. The suspension carried over into a threat ogf his day job as a law professor. Public pressure forced Twitter to rescind the suspension, but now Professor Reynolds is suspending Twitter.

From InstaPundit:
SO WHAT I’VE DONE WITH TWITTER is just to log out for now. The robo-tweets of InstaPundit content will continue, at least for a while. I may take down the widget on the sidebar, eventually. I haven’t moved to Gab, and I’m not sure whether I will or not. Basically, there are two problems with Twitter for me. One is that they don’t support their users — they pretty clearly suspend, ban, etc. using a political double standard even though they claim they don’t.
But the other problem with Twitter is that it’s the crystal meth of social media: Addictive, but unsatisfying. I’ve been spending a lot of time on it even though it doesn’t make me any money, and even though I kind of doubt it has much of an impact on anything. As I said a while back: “I think Twitter is overrated. It’s a good way to chatter with the chattering classes, but (1) it doesn’t drive traffic; (2) its impact outside the chattering classes is basically nil; and (3) it encourages people to think they’re being ‘activists’ when they’re really just tweeting to a few hundred people.”
That I’ve posted over 580,000 tweets in spite of saying that suggests to me that I’m not very good at following my own advice. Add to that the exposure to Justine-Sacco type shamestorms on a platform you don’t control, and I don’t see why I should keep working for them for free. And on that point, if I, a tenured professor whose university just admitted that his tweets are protected by the First Amendment, have concerns about this, I have to wonder why anyone whose job is less secure would stay on Twitter.
The threat to his job sobered him up to the fact that Twitter is not worth it.

My response is to back off on Twitter as well. Baby duck? Sure, because he is right about traffic. Facebook helps more even though I have fewer followers there. That posting will not change.

I am still accepting friends

Besides, the time I waste on Twitter I could be spent doing other writing.

His question on Twitter is "Why I should keep working for them for free?"


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  1. 1. The only safe way to tweet is anonymously, taking care to maintain it and not get doxxed. Otherwise don't do it.
    2. After the election Twitter is dead. Something else might take its place, but it is dead. That's why it's getting sold now, while it still has apparent value.

  2. Twitter is dead to me. Has always been. Never have been on it, never will.

  3. The SJWs have taken over Twitter and everything they take over they destroy. A few years back they decided they wanted to abolish football because it is too violent. Hmmm! How can we do that? Let's destroy it from within. And that is just what they are doing. Goodell's virtue signaling by supporting Koperdick is turning off viewers and viewers are turning off the game. Ratings are down. How much longer before sponsors start demanding reduced ad rates? The irony here is that these stupid BLM supporters are working to destroy their livelihood. I haven't watched a single game this year and I don't intend to.

    1. The current TV contract runs through 2022. How soon calls for renegotiation start will be an indication of how bad things are.

    2. They're getting bad pretty fast.

    3. The NFL is just for hard-core fans these days. I am far from that.

  4. I don't follow twitter but I liked the tweets you highlighted on your blog. The zingers, the one liners, and the devastating photo memes are always fun to see.

    So, it was useful for generating interesting content, but I don't know if I'd miss it.

  5. I can look at tweets without joining twitter. I just tried looking at your facebook and it said I had to join up or log in to view other than the "about me" kind of info. I did like the entry:
    Professional Smart Ass

  6. Good for Glenn. Pleased to hear it. I dropped it nine months ago. Censorship don't play well with this boy...

  7. Reagan never tweeted, and if it's good enough for Ronnie, it's good enough for me.

  8. I have never gotten into twister, and frankly farcebook is something I rarely bother with. I read the blog every day, but my commenting is down because I don't feel up to being as much of a smart ass as I was a few years ago.
    I don't do liberalism very well. The attacks of conservative users on socialist media hits me hard and makes me mad as hell.