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Saturday, September 24, 2016

I noticed a few things about the people who call me a Nazi

When they call Trump Hitler, they are calling me a Nazi because that is who supported Hitler. Indeed, the National Review was quite explicit in March when they called him "Father Fuhrer" and portrayed his supporters in rural white America (where I live) as whelping their children with all the wisdom of a stray dog. I'm tired of linking that cruddy story.

I have noticed a few things about those who call me Nazi.

The people who call me Nazi had no problem with the Internal Revenue Service abusing its power in dealing with the Tea Party.

The people who call me Nazi have no problem with threats and attacks on Trump supporters.

The people who call me Nazi blame Trump's rhetoric for these assaults.

The people who call me Nazi believe only straight, white, Christian males may back Trump.

The people who call me Nazi believe any of his supporters who are gay, non-white, non-Christian or female are apostates who deserve special punishment.

The people who call me Nazi believe only one voice should be heard on campus.

The people who call me Nazi want to dictate what is allowed to be published in the newspapers.

The people who call me Nazi pressure Twitter, Google, Facebook, and other corporations to impose sanctions on Trump supporters.

The people who call me Nazi like to dictate what America is.

The people who call me Nazi also call me un-American for wanting to control immigration into our country.

The people who call me Nazi believe freedom of religion applies to atheists and adherents of any religion except Judaism and Christianity.

The people who call me Nazi includes Jews who hate Israel and do not practice their religion.

I have come to the conclusion that if Adolf Hitler were alive today, he would be calling his adversaries Nazis.

I do not like these people. I hope they get their ass whupped at the polls on November 8.

By the way, if this blog disappears one day, blame the social justice warriors at Google. After Twitter suspended Instapundit's account yesterday (however briefly) over a tweet, I realize freedom on the Internet is just an illusion.


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  1. WOW!
    Ich bin ein Bedauerlicher

    please broden your 'comment as' selections

  2. Sing it sister. They are the Nazis

  3. Those people who call trump Nazis are the fanatical ideological adversaries of the Nazis - Communists. And the way you described them fits the Communist mold.

    If Obama has his way and turns the internet over to multiple state oversight we will definitely be in for a rough ride as far as internet freedom is concerned. - Elric

  4. The people who call us Nazis are the MSM who are propaganda machines just like the Nazis owned.

  5. Here's another one -

    The people who call me Nazi are the ones promoting anti-Semitism on college campuses.

  6. Big D, you got another book brewing in you, brother. When The Muse comes knocking, let him in...

    1. ...sit her (Muses are female) down, pour her a biiiiig glass of wine. open a beer, and get yourself READY to WRITE.

  7. Upon regaining the levers of power nationwide in November, a resurgent conservatism must begin a counter-march through the institutions to ensure that l’ancien regime of post-1968 leftism, like communism, is consigned to the ash-heap of history.

    1. Standing O for Dave...walk off three run HR!

    2. I'd like to see Trump -every Monday morning
      fire the staff of every department starting with overhead...
      The EPA, Interior and Department of Agriculture come to mind as they have be particularly onerous in the West...

  8. This column is going to be linked and referenced all over the place.

  9. "If Adolf Hitler were alive today, he would be calling his adversaries Nazis."


  10. The people who call you Nazi kill babies & enable others to kill babies.

    To be called "Nazi" by such people is a badge of honor.

  11. When people use that slur and name-call, they make light of the Holocaust and the evil that Hitler inflicted upon Europe and the rest of the world. Gradually, as WW II fades into our collective memory, they diminish the Nazi horror. Hitler! Nazi! These terms are becoming meaningless by their casual misuse. Shame on those who so easily devalue the pain of the 1940s. Innocents died at the hands of the Nazis, and brave souls gave their lives to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.

  12. Well said Don! I agree 100%!

    I'm sick and tired of being called a nazi racist bigot who hates, just because I support America and American culture and values!

  13. And it was the Bernie supporters, the most far left Dimocrats who most resembled Hitler's Brown Shirts. You didn't see Trump supporters violently accosting Dimocrats at Bernie or Crooked Cankles' events. It's the Dimocrats who support violence.

  14. Never been to your blog before; but I applaud your post. People who call you Nazi are supremely ignorant of history. Take it as a badge of honor.

  15. You need to add another box besides cool, interesting and funny.
    Terrifyingly true, prescient, "scary"?