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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

How to end a Hillary "press conference"

Ask her about her 10-point drop in the CNN poll.


  1. She don't answer no questions!

  2. The fact it's a CNN poll is the real killer.

  3. Be fair. She was probably due on the set of 'The Exorcist'.

  4. Local radio uses CNN radio feed listening to Lars
    Larson who had the Donald on his show. The news came on, into the news a ways was the announced CNN poll that he was just a mere 2 points ahead of her thighness, and that the "Survey Monkey "(online Poll)
    was much more reliable showing her with a 6 point lead.. -Downplaying CNN's own poll..

  5. Gateway Pundit points out the mysterious big black guy who serves as Hillary's body guy (not a Secret Service agent) whenever she's out campaigning has returned. When she took a hiatus from campaigning, he disappeared too. He was spotted on the airplane where this fake "press conference" took place. Gateway Pundit also posts a picture from Mike Cernovich I'd never seen before, which shows a close-up picture of something in the hand of this person. It looks like it could be a diazepam pen, i.e., an injector for Valium. So, does this mean Hillary's is on Valium while she campaigns? Yep, her health is just fine and dandy. Wait till Trump puts her in a verbal Tongan death grip during the first debate. Will her body man be allowed to tag team Trump?