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Friday, September 16, 2016

Hillary's Electoral College map shrinks

On August 17, Hillary had more than enough Electoral College votes clinched to win the White House, according to Real Clear Politics. Imelda Marcos without the shoes was a shoo-in.

On September 15, Real Clear Politics slimmed down that 272-154 lead to 200-164.

Why? As Trump rose in the national polls, her lead in state polls shrank or even disappeared.

Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin, went from Hillary's column to Toss Up.

Trump picked up Missouri.

Safe Clinton states (Rhode Island and part of Maine) are becoming likely Clinton.

Likely Clinton states (Connecticut and New Jersey) are becoming leaning Clinton.

And of course, those six previously mentioned leaning Clinton states are now Toss Up.

Momentum has shifted. Iowa, which has gone Democratic six of the last seven presidential elections (1988 through 2012, with the exception of 2004), is a toss up. But then again, so is Wisconsin, last won by a Republican in Reagan's 1984 49-state sweep. Need I remind readers that the last Democrat elected president without Pennsylvania was Harry Truman? It is a toss up today.

Nate Silver now gives Trump a chance of 39.7 percent.

That's up from 12.4 percent on August 9.

We know how Trump did it. Instead of hiding behind a bunch on nonsensical attack ads, Trump took his message to the people.

Trump hit the trail in August with 31 public events attracting 200,000 people, according to Gateway Pundit.

She held 11 public events and attracted 10,000 people. She spent most of the month resting or attending fund-raisers.

She is an idiot. She did exactly what Jeb and the rest did last summer. While they raised money, Trump held rallies and drew voters to his cause. The reason he succeeded is that despite being a rookie candidate attracting press that was worse than Sarah Palin's, Trump has a message that resonates with the people.

Money doesn't matter. Organization doesn't matter. The press sure as heck doesn't matter.

The message does.

Make America Great Again,

Trump will because look at how far he has come against all odds.


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  1. Our Constitution is calling. It wants its country back. - Elric

    1. And it knows Hillary will toss it into a hoosegow, rather than just ignore it.

  2. I'll be laughing at all of the celebs breaking their promises about leaving the country. What do you wanna bet that none of them do?

  3. Mr. Surber uses very evocative language.

    “…She is an idiot…”

    Calling a spade a spade right there.

    “…Imelda Marcos without the shoes…”

    Is this another reference to her losing her shoe due to the Parkinson’s seizure after the 9/11 memorial?

    Steve in Greensboro

  4. What IS her message, anyway? "Stronger Together?"

    How does THAT work when she calls tens of millions of Americans deplorable and irredeemable?

    She is still burning through money advertising in New York BTW. Apparently Trump is the second coming of Satan, according to her commercials. It's a hoot.

  5. And the band played: "The World Turned Upside-Down".

  6. She's still in the 90s.

    Or maybe it's the 60s.

    1. She's supposed to be in her 60s, but is really in her 90s.

  7. Still a long long way to go. I am still pessimistic about Trump winning.

  8. hillary may be an idiot but her staff apparently is not. They know the more visible hillary is the lower her poll numbers. Attending fund raisers with the party faithful keep her from the public eye and provide money for her clinton jet. She's in this race to make money and if her poll numbers keep dropping, she'll have more fund raisers to cash in while she can. That cash will end up in a clinton coffer somewhere, someway, somehow!